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Advanced Predictive Techniques

Are there really different types of Astrology? Actually... there are NOT!

Arsh Mishra


8+ years of professional experience in astrology. Arsh is primarily focused on educating people on the various dimensions of Vedic Astrology through his content and courses. Consultations per availability.


  • The Elements - The most fundamental classification in Astrology, basis which almost all characteristics of houses, signs, planets and their combinations are derived. In fact, correct understading of this one concept can help to interpret horoscopes, dashas, transits and even divisional charts!
  • Advanced House Interpretations - Despite being the most common method of predictivre astrology, houses are seldom used to their full potential. A lot of primary concepts that gives several important yogas seems to have been lost, often deliberately.
  • Sign Lords/Ruler Predictions - Even more lost than the houses is the value of sign lords, particularly wrt the Kalpurush kundli. While their value has been greatly diminished, very sophesticated predictions can be made from combinations of house/sign lordships and Varnas.
  • Divisional Charts - The most misinterpreted and misused concept in astrology that is widely abused in the current times. Divisional charts can be used in several predictive techniques, including Nadi Astrology. However the actual methods to use D9, D10, D12, D30, D45 etc have have lost relevance over time.  
  • Gochar/ Transits - Tips and tricks for snapshot predictions from transit over the natal and/or Tajik Varshphal charts. Usage in Vastu, Muhurta, Prashna etc.
  • Miscellaneous topics such as Astro Vastu, Dhatu, Arudha, Tajik Vashfal
  • Remedies - Identification of situation speicifc rememdies, their scope and utility based on the fundamental classifications. Advanced rememdial techniques for houses, signs, planets and their combinations.