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Predictive Shorts for Professionals

Are there really different types of Astrology? Actually... there are NOT!

Arsh Mishra


8+ years of professional experience in astrology. Arsh is primarily focused on educating people on the various dimensions of Vedic Astrology through his content and courses. Consultations per availability.


Topics / Modules will be added on the go as per the requirement and interests of the students. As always, the entire course, including the syllabus, techaning methodology and the way of addressing a topic will be exclusively based on Arshs personal approach to astrology, and will be completely different from any other course in the market.The initial topics to be covered in the lectures includes:

  • Module 1 - Navgrahas Deep Dive: Bare bones anatomy of each of the nine principal planets including detailed discussion of their characteristics in entirety. Importance of planetary significations in interpreting specific situations, nature of planets as applicable for Muhurta or Prashna analysis, qualities related to timing of events (both long term and in day to day affairs) as they play out in business, education, relationship, health etc., expected results during major Dashas and Transits of planets and how they govern and alter the pattern of life during their ruling periods through their inherent Karakatwas, and so on. Eg: Sun causes delays. Saturn introduces duality, Jupiter restricts results, Mercury ushers misjudgement etc. 
    (Approx duration: 9 weeks)
  • Module 2 - Combinations: How combinations manifest in Vedic Astrology. Analyzing combination of two planets, houses, signs, planet in house, planet in sign and how mutually combinations impact each other. The module discusses at length how direct combinations such as placement, lordship etc. work and to what extent they can be used to derive predictions. The course is primarily aimed at giving students the tools and means to be able to create unique predictions at astonishingly accurate levels. 
  • Module 3 - Indirect Combination: Indirect Combinations take the previous module a step further where we delve in mutual placement of planets in a horoscope and how the entire horsocope as one unit interacts with each other. Everything from approach, separation, advanced concepts of lordships, arrangement of planets, and complex equations of a horoscope are discussed in depth in the horoscope. The entire focus is to give students the ability to understand the core dynamics of the horoscope and how those can be built upon to make remarkable predictions in any area. 

Course Module(s)

1 Navgraha Deep Dive
2 Combinations in Astrology
3 Indirect Combinations