The Saturn Diary: An Insider Peek

Hello, don’t worry!

Yes, my name is Shani. People have always described me as a harmful planet and as a result people fear my name.

I consider it my responsibility to clarify that I absolutely do not bother anyone without a reason. And when I do, I only fulfil my duty to the world.

Yes, it is true that when I worshipped Lord Mahadeva, he declared me as Chief Justice and provided me a place among the nine planets. And so, for this reason I decide the punishment and reward for everyone whether it is a human or a god, an animal or a bird, a king, or a pauper.

Delivering Justice and pronouncing punishment has been the law of the world since Satyuga. Even now during Kaliyuga, the Judiciary is responsible for announcing punishment to the criminals. This helps in maintaining the law and order of the world and creates fear in the mind of wrong doers.
I punish based on their karma of the present and previous lifetimes, and I always reward based on it. I am not biased to anyone. In fact, I am the most unbiased being you will ever find in the universe. So much so, that I will not take your side if you worship to appease me and yet do not mend your ways. Whether you worship me or not, whether you like me or not, I will deliver the results as per your karma.

The proof of my impartiality and justice is well known. When my father Sun tortured my mother Chaya, I condemned his actions and caused pain to him. Naturally, this made him angry because of which he treats me like an enemy to this day.

I would like to tell you that if you have done good deeds in your previous life then I will reward you by being present in my exalted sign Libra or in my own signs Capricorn and Aquarius. When I am present in these signs, I do not hesitate in making you a king, even if you are born in a pauper’s home.

If I am present in Cancer, Virgo, Sagittarius, Gemini or Pisces in your horoscope then the results will be ordinary but if I am present in Leo or Scorpio then you should be prepared for unfavorable results. Also, if I am in my debilitation sign Aries then I can cause accidents and pain. I give worse results with Mars.

According to palmistry, my place is below the middle finger and according to Numerology I am the lord of 8th 17th and 26th days of a month.

You must have heard from the Ramcharitmanas: “जाको प्रभु दारुण दुःख देहीं, ताकी मति पहले हरि लेहीं” (Whoever the Lord has to give grief, He first destroys the intelligence of the person). I work on the same principle. Either I attack the mind of the wrong doers or I attack the mind of those around him so they can cause harm to the wrong doer.

In my court, one gets punished for their previous life deeds first. Then I conduct a trial to check if he has improved himself after the punishment. If it is found that he has improved, then I end his punishments and get him back to his life. Also, if the wrong doer serves his punishment in an honest way, I reward him immensely. But if one refuses to improve, my punishments can turn very nasty.

I do nothing other than giving you what you deserve. So, if at all you think I am being unfair, look within to discover what exactly it is that I am punishing you for. As soon as you improve, I will stop.

I hope that you understand me better, and I hope that you know there is no need to be afraid of me unless you have done something wrong.

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