Astrological Analysis of Congress’ ‘Naya Yatra’: Disruptions, Diversions and Potential Termination

Today, the Congress party, led by Rahul Gandhi, initiated an important journey named “Naya Yatra,” starting from Imphal. This journey is crucial for the Congress and anti-BJP parties in light of the upcoming Lok Sabha election. Additionally, its significance is amplified as it coincides with the Ram Mandir Pran Pratishtha in Ayodhya.

Overview of the Yatra’s Muhurta

An initial assessment suggests that the Muhurta for this yatra is not auspicious.

Detailed Panchang Analysis

Hindu MonthPaushaGood
Moon SignAquariusMoon in enemy sign
Moon NakshatraShatbhishaRahu Nakshatra not good
TithiChaturthiRikta tithi ruled by Saturn
KaranVanijConsidered good
YogaVatipatVery bad
Kaal HoraSaturnIndicates delay and frustration
Rahu Kaal15:25 PM to 16:46 PMNot auspicious
Mrityu BaanTill early morning of 15thNot good, rather bad

The Panchang factors at the time of Muhurta are predominantly bad or inauspicious.

Astrological Factors and Implications

The Ascendant or Lagna selected for the Muhurta is Gemini, a dual sign, which is generally not auspicious for any lasting endeavors.

The planetary positions are unfavorable. The Lagna Kendra is dominated by malefic planets, and the conjunction of Moon and Saturn in the Muhurta chart is particularly adverse. The only positive aspect is Jupiter’s influence on the Lagna lord.

Given these observations, it is clear that the Muhurta for commencing the Yatra is highly unfavorable. It may lead to disruptions, diversions, and potentially even termination. The involvement of associated parties is uncertain, as they might choose to not participate or dissociate from the Yatra. The influence of Jupiter on Mercury might bring attention to the Yatra, but not necessarily for positive reasons.

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