VAC01: Introduction to Astrology


A complete course on Vedic Astrology that focuses on building concepts from scratch even for a learner who has had no exposure to astrology. Everything from the basics to remedies that is required to begin practicing astrology is covered in this course.

Please read the detailed description in the section below for complete information.

Course LanguageEnglish
Course TypeRecorded - Available for Purchase
Recording Length200+ Hours
Course LevelBeginner
Content IncludesCourse Videos & Presentation PDF
Subscriptions AvailableTrial (2 days), 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, Lifetime


The course is designed for those who do not have much background in astrology but have a lot of interest in learning it. The course covers complete length and breadth of Vedanga Jyotish or Vedic Astrology from its astronomical roots to its predictive branches.

Please note that this and all courses of astrology that I ever have will be based on my personal approach to astrology. The syllabus, teaching methodology, way of addressing a topic and even topics that are taught will be completely different from any other courses anywhere else in the world.

At the end of the course, you will be able to:

  1. Judge a horoscope and make professional predictions irrespective of what data you have (correct birth time or wrong birth time, complete birth details or partial details, ascendant or degrees/dasha etc. missing from a horoscope, or even if the entire horoscope is missing).
  2. Analyze several information without having a horoscope at hand, including day to day events, mundane affairs and overall patterns in your own life and others.
  3. Do a professional horoscope analysis within just a few minutes.
Course Content
  • Introduction to Astrology: Origin, Structure and Philosophy of Astrology; its relationship with Hindu mythology; History and development of astrology
  • Mathematics of Astrology: Astronomical Visualization, movement of planets, basic calculations, mathematical overview of houses, signs, etc.
  • Building Blocks of Astrology: Planets, Signs, Nakshatras, houses, Divisions, etc. using them together to make predictions
  • Horoscopy: How to judge a Horoscope; role of Dashas and Transits
  • Astrology without a Horoscope: Muhurat, Prashna, Mundane astrology, analysis by omens and characteristic traits
  • Professional Astrology: Analysis of a horoscope; how to handle a client; do’s and don’ts for a professional astrologer;

The course has been specially designed for students beginning their journey in Vedic Astrology as well as for those with basic understanding but no organized learning.

  • In-Depth discussion of the most basic concepts as well as progressively advanced astrological concepts used in predictions
  • The course begins assuming zero-knowledge on part of the learner
  • Unique teaching methodology that presents astrological learning in the intended way as per classical texts
  • Exhaustive Q&As from the live sessions that are part of the recorded questions
  • Detailed horoscope discussions and examples covered

On its own, the course is complete in itself and introduces all the topics of Vedic Astrology. From a practical perspective, the student will be able to begin practicing astrology as a professional after mastering the content. Even with respect to the advanced concepts, a student will be able to continue in-depth study on their own if they wish to choose.


Some of the more advanced topics are left for other courses as they require significant fluency in astrological concepts before they can be introduced to a student. However, everything that a student needs to begin practicing astrology is included in this course and a student will be able to start looking at horoscopes, making interpretations and consultations as long as they keep practicing the concepts taught in this course.

It is not recommended that a student enrolls in any advanced courses simultaneously without completing this course.

Subscription Duration

Trial (24 Hours), 3 Months, 6 Months, Lifetime


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