Astrological Significance of Narendra Modi’s Third Term and Its Future Prospects 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken his oath for the third time today at 7:23 PM in Delhi. Analyzing the astrological significance and future possibilities of the present government in light of the coalition mandate involves several factors. A muhurta chart is primarily judged on two parameters: 

  1. Astrological Significance of the Chosen Time – the Panchang Factor
  2. Astrological Factor – Horoscope of the Oath Time 

Additionally, the correlation with the PM’s horoscope, the country’s horoscope, and the yearly chart is crucial for a detailed analysis. 

Panchang Factor 

  • Day Chosen: Sunday – Sun, the day lord, is favorable for governance and authority. 
  • Tithi: Chaturthi of Shukla Paksha, classified as Rikta Tithi – the tithi lord is Saturn, which is generally unfavourable, especially on a Sunday. 
  • Yoga: Dhruva, which is positive. 
  • Karan: Vanij, also positive. 
  • Hora: At the time of the oath, the Hora was of Jupiter, which is very auspicious. Saturn Hora had just ended. 
  • Moon Placement: Moon is in Cancer sign and in Cancer Navamsha. 

Overall, the Panchang factor of this oath time is good, with the unfavorable tithi being mitigated by the Moon’s own Rashi position. 

Astrological Factor 

  • Ascendant: Scorpio, with Pisces Navamsha Lagna with Jupiter in Navamsha – fixed lagna indicates stability while Jupiter in the Navamsha lagna is auspicious.
  • Moon Placement: Moon is in the 9th house in its own sign, and in Navamsha, it also occupies Cancer – a Vargottam position, which is very auspicious. 
  • Planetary Configuration: Four planets – Sun, Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter – are in the 7th house. The 4th lord is in the 4th house, and the Lagna lord aspects Lagna, which are positive factors for stability. 
  • Influence of Jupiter: Almost all planets are under Jupiter’s influence, indicating divine grace during crises. 

 Scorpio Ascendant- favored Ascendant of Modi  

It is not a coincidence that Narendra Modi’s ministry has always taken oath under the Scorpio ascendant influence: 

  • In 2014, Narendra Modi took his oath at the end of Libra, but all his ministers took their oaths under Scorpio. 
  • In 2019, the ascendant was again Scorpio. 
  • And this time also, it is Scorpio Ascendant. 

This clearly explains the secrecy, suddenness, and out-of-the-box decisions of the Modi government in the past. This tenure will also be not much different from the past. Expect some unexpected decisions breaking tradition in the coming months. 

Negative Influences in the Oath Chart 

  • Malefic Aspect on Lagna: The Lagna is aspected by almost all malefic planets. 
  • Kemdrum Yoga: Moon is in Kemdrum Yoga. 
  • Gandant Position: Lagna is in Gandant (both Rashi and Nakshatra Junction), indicating initial troubles and controversies. 

However, the strong placement of Jupiter, Mercury, and Venus in Kendra nullifies these negative influences. Additionally, the Nakshatra Punarvasu is auspicious, aligning well with Narendra Modi’s birth star Anuradha and India’s Independence chart Nakshatra Pushya. 

Chart Analysis and Future Implications 

  • Scorpio Lagna: The 8th sign of Kaal Purusha signifies mystery, suddenness, and unpredictability. Modi’s previous oaths also had Scorpio ascendant, indicating a continuation of unexpected decisions. 
  • Coalition Government: The 2nd house (Kutumb) and 7th house (partnership) are fortified. The 2nd lord in the 7th house and benefic planets in the 7th house indicate strong coalition support. Despite Venus being combust, it does not affect Lagna negatively. 
  • Unexpected Support: The 11th lord (friend) is with 10thand 7th lord and 11th house from Moon is very strong indicating potential unexpected support from outside. 
  • Opposition’s Role: The 4th house (opposition) is strong with Saturn in Moolatrikona. The 10th lord Sun is in a set condition in the 7th house. The government will face significant opposition but will maintain stability due to trine and Kendra occupancy by all major planets. 
  • Strength of Saturn: Initially strong but diminishes over time due to Saturn-Rahu proximity and Saturn-Mars combination in D9 chart- opposition strength will reduce overtime. 

Impact on the Country 

  • Strong Houses: The 2nd, 11th, 7th, 12th, and 9th houses are strong, indicating a focus on trade, foreign investment, domestic savings, financial reform, and agriculture. 
  • Rural and Agriculture Sector: Strong Saturn indicates a priority on rural development and employment generation. 
  • Communication and Infrastructure: A strong 3rd house signifies an emphasis on communication, tourism, and infrastructure, along with good relations with neighbors. 

Concerns in 5th House: The 5th house is afflicted by Pap Kartari Yoga and Rahu. This house represents intellectuals, emotional stability, communal harmony, speculation, investments, stock exchange, children, population, universities, morals, and values. Expect student agitation, communal tension, stock market upheavals, and potential legal changes causing resentment.  

Economic Reforms and Financial Policies: Given the strong position of the 2nd and 11th houses, there will likely be significant economic reforms aimed at boosting domestic savings and attracting foreign investment. The government may introduce policies that encourage financial growth and stability. 

Technological Advancements: With Mercury in a strong position, expect advancements in technology and communication sectors. There may be new initiatives to promote digital infrastructure and innovation. 

Healthcare and Public Welfare: The strong Lagna lord in 6th house and Moon Vargottam position of Moon in the 9th house suggests a strong emphasis on public welfare and healthcare reforms. The government might roll out new healthcare policies to improve the overall health standards of the population. 

International Relations: The strong 7th house and beneficial planetary positions indicate positive developments in international relations. The government may forge new alliances and strengthen existing ones, focusing on diplomacy and global partnerships. 

Broader Context 

Note that no chart is analysed in isolation – it is analysed in the ambit of Desh, Kaal, and Patra. The Kaal (time) factor is given precedence in muhurta analysis. Therefore, the effect of the Samvatsar and the Hindu new year chart also significantly impact the oath chart. Here are two points worth considering: 

  • Samvatsar Name: Krodhi. 
  • King of the Present Hindu New Year: Mars, with Saturn as the Mantri. 

This suggests that the coming time will likely involve unrest, natural calamities, violence, war-like situations, and strong public sentiments not for India only but globally The government may seem partisan at times, with militancy, aggression, and hatred becoming more prominent- this will be applicable globally. 


The chosen muhurta is good for the stability and functioning of the government, characterized by sudden and unprecedented decisions. The strong astrological factors in the oath chart, combined with the challenging planetary influences, paint a complex picture for the coming term. The government’s focus will likely be on trade, agriculture, communication, and infrastructure, with potential challenges in communal harmony, capital market, high education and intellectual sectors. The broader astrological context suggests a period of significant upheaval and strong public reactions. 

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