Astrology & CoronaVirus

Currently, everyone is suffering from the fear of CoronaVirus. This is the first time ever that people around the world are in so much fear and suspicion. It all started in the month of December from China. It will be interesting to analyze the astrological reasonings and correlations with all such events of the past.

Phenomena of such types which involves every country of the globe must have some unique planetary configurations that do not happen often. Since the health of people is at stake, the houses which must be taken into consideration are:

● Aries – 1st House of natural zodiac

1st house always represents physique, health, and longevity.

● Virgo – 6th house of natural zodiac

It represents health, diseases, immune response.

● Scorpio – 8thhouse of natural zodiac

It represents death, mystery, and sudden events.

● Gemini – 3rd house of the natural zodiac: as it is 8th from 8th

It represents longevity.

The 3rd house also represents communication. Hence it represents contagious diseases.

Therefore, Aries, Gemini, Scorpio and Virgo signs are most relevant for analyzing such events related to mass health and destruction. Among Planets – Mars, Mercury, Ketu and Pluto are important. Rishi Jaimini has given lordship of Scorpio to both Mars and Ketu. In modern Astrology, Pluto has been assigned the lordship of Scorpio,

These types of phenomena do not occur regularly. It may or may not be observed in one’s lifetime. Here comes the role of extra Saturnian planets: Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. As these planets have a long revolution so it affects only the global events and doesn’t have significance in an individual’s chart.

Among these three planets, Pluto has more importance in these types of phenomena as it rules the hidden sign Scorpio.

Another important aspect to keep in mind is that Jupiter is termed as Jeev Karak. It signifies every living thing and all benevolence. So, in case of mass destruction such as an epidemic or pandemic Jupiter affliction should also be considered. The planet is said to be in affliction when they are in conjunction or in opposition or in a trinal relationship. Rashi exchange and nakshatra exchange also makes the planet related.

In the backdrop of these facts, let us analyze 10 worst pandemics in history.

1. Antonine Plague (165 AD)

Death toll: 5 Million

Planetary position: Pluto transited through Taurus opposite to Scorpio and was in trine with Saturn. Rahu, Ketu in Virgo-Pisces axis.

Please note that in all charts Ascendant is not relevant.

Planetary positions: Antonine Plague (165 AD)

2. Plague of Justinian (541-542)

Death toll: 25 Million

Planetary position: Saturn – Rahu in conjunction with Scorpio. Jupiter is in affliction and in trine to Pluto.

Planetary Positions: Plague of Justinian (541-542)

3. The Black Death (1346-1353)

Death toll: 75-200 Million

Planetary position: Saturn-Pluto in conjunction in Pisces. Rahu-Ketu in Cancer-Capricorn axis trine to Saturn and Pluto

Planetary Positions: The Black Death (1346-1353)

4. Third Cholera Pandemic (1852-1860)

Death toll: 1 Million

Planetary position: Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Aries. Rahu-Ketu in the Gemini-Sagittarius axis. Jupiter in Scorpio ( in 6th- 8th relation with Saturn and Pluto)

Planetary Positions: Third Cholera Pandemic (1852-1860)

5. Flu Pandemic (1889-1890)

Death toll: 1 Million

Planetary position: Jupiter-Ketu conjunction in Sagittarius. Pluto in Taurus opposite Scorpio. Rahu-Ketu in the Gemini-Sagittarius axis.

Planetary Positions: The Flu Pandemic (1889-1890)

6. Sixth Cholera Pandemic (1910-1911)

Death toll: 800,000+

Planetary position: Saturn-Rahu conjunction in Aries. Pluto in Gemini, Jupiter in Virgo. Jupiter and Saturn 6th-8th relationship.

Planetary Positions: The sixth Cholera Pandemic (1910-1911)

7. Flu Pandemic (1918)

Death toll: 20-50 Million

Planetary position: Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in Gemini. Rahu-Ketu in the Taurus-Scorpio axis. Saturn is trine to Rahu.

Planetary Positions: Flu Pandemic (1918)

8. Asian Flu (1956-1958)

Death toll: 2 Million

Planetary position: Saturn-Rahu conjunction in Scorpio. Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in Leo.

Planetary Positions: Asian Flu (1956 – 1958)

9. Flu Pandemic (1968)

Death toll: 1 Million

Planetary position: Jupiter- Pluto conjunction. Saturn is trine to Jupiter and Pluto. Rahu-Ketu in Virgo-Pisces axis.

Planetary Positions: The Flu Pandemic (1968)

10. HIV/AIDS Pandemic (2005-2012)

Death toll: 36 Million

Planetary Position: Saturn-Pluto opposition. Jupiter-Ketu conjunction in Virgo.

Planetary Positions: HIV/AIDS Pandemic (2005-2012)

On the basis of the above data, we can conclude that whenever there is a conjunction/opposition or trine relationship between Saturn and Pluto, Jupiter and Pluto, Saturn and Rahu/Ketu then there is a possibility of a pandemic like phenomena. The involvement of Pluto makes it rare and lasting.

In light of this, let us now see the present planetary configuration during recent Corona onslaught.

Corona onslaught began in December 2019. Here is the chart for eclipse day.

Please note that in this chart Ascendant is not relevant.

Planetary Positions: Coronavirus Pandemic (2019-20)

Saturn- Pluto conjunction, Rahu- Ketu in Gemini-Sagittarius axis and heavy affliction to Jupiter.

On December 26th there was a total solar eclipse. This was an annular solar eclipse named the ring of fire. For such an eclipse it is stated that if the middle of the eclipsed disc is dark and the disc continues bright all-round then the eclipse is known as the Madhyatama (centrally dark) type of annular eclipse. (Result of Solar eclipse was posted in previous articles in thevedicvision.com site.)

The result of this type of eclipse is that people will be afflicted with misery.

Mankind will suffer from stomach pain and fear. The eclipse occurred in Sagittarius sign and Mula Nakshatra. Six planets were affected during this eclipse. This was a very rare phenomenon. The most significant and disturbing point was the involvement of sign, sign lord and Nakshatra lord. There was no saving or benefic planet at that time. At that point, Saturn and Pluto were also passing through Sagittarius. Pluto involvement has made the eclipse more dangerous and fatal, the effect of which can be seen now.

Even when Saturn transited to Capricorn, it is passing with Pluto which makes Saturn and Pluto in conjunction. Jupiter is afflicted in Sagittarius with Ketu.

All these factors clearly fulfill the conditions/afflictions for a pandemic.

The affliction is not going to reduce in the coming months till September when Ketu and Rahu change their sign as there will be an affliction to sign Gemini- Sagittarius and to Jupiter. Even after the September conjunction of Saturn and Pluto will be there as both will be still transiting through the same sign Capricorn.

To conclude you can expect some relief from this phenomenon after August but major relief will happen in 2021 i.e when the vaccines for coronavirus are developed. Recent transit of Jupiter and Mars to Capricorn in March-May will, in some way, increase the impact of this phenomenon. Since Scorpio sign is not involved so casualty will be much less. The involvement of the Gemini sign indicates its widespread impact.

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  1. Sanjeev ji, can you do a follow-up on this article in light of the recent nationwide loss of life caused by this disease? When can we expect this new strain of coronavirus to cool off and spare us?

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