Bihar State Government 2020-25: Analysis

Swearing-in ceremony of Nitish Kumar and the astrological implications for the new Bihar state government.

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Swearing-In Chart

The time of the head of government being sworn-in is very important for analyzing the future of the incoming Government in of any country, state, or entity. The swearing-in marks the initiation of the new term and can be thought of as the birth chart of the government. It is a crucial part in analyzing the policies, stability, efforts, etc. that would affect the government throughout the tenure.

For this reason, the analysis of the swearing-in or oath ceremony chart for Bihar and the upcoming Nitish Kumar Government in Bihar becomes crucial in analyzing how the next 5 years are going to be for the state. Nitish Kumar has taken oath on the 16th November 2020 at 16.30 in Patna.

As per the Hindu Panchang this corresponds to:

  • Vaara – Monday
  • Tithi – Kartik Shukla Dwitiya
  • Karna – Balav
  • Nakshatra – Jyeshtha
  • Yoga – Atiganda

In Muhurta such as for the oath-taking ceremony, the muhurta needs to be decided in a short term and cannot be delayed for a long time. As such one can only choose the day (Vaara), Tithi, Yoga, Karna, Moon sign, Moon’s nakshatra and the Lagna at the time of event. All other planetary positions are fixed. Hence, the analysis of these panchang factors become of primary importance.

Let’s discuss the Muhurta chart in detail basis the above points:

  • Day chosen is Monday – Benefic day lord good for smooth functioning is good but the day lord is debilitated, afflicted, and lacks Paksha Bala which is bad
  • Shukla Dwitiya is a Bhadra Tithi ruled by Mercury. It is said to be auspicious for good deeds
  • Balav Karna is good for beginning lasting ventures and for travel
  • Atiganda Yoga is inauspicious as it is destructive and deceptive
  • Kaal Hora chosen is of Sun which is good
  • Moon’s placement in Jyestha nakshatra is not good as it is a Teekshna Nakshatra and is considered good only for aggressive work. It is also a Gandanta Nakshatra.

Nitish Kumar is said to be born in Jyestha nakshatra in Vrischika (Scorpio) Rashi which is the Janma nakshatra per the Nav-Tara Chakra and is considered average.  

So, considering all the above factors it can be said that the Panchang factors chosen are ordinary. It seems that Tithi consideration has taken precedence over other Panchang factor in deciding the Muhurta –if at all the Muhurta was chosen astrologically.

Let’s now analyze Oath ceremony chart-:

  • Lagna is Aries– a Movable sign is not considered good for fixed or lasting work. Navamsha is also movable Libra.
  • Lagna is aspected by Benefic planet Mercury and Jupiter which is very good. It enhances the reputation and functioning of Government
  • Lagna lord is placed in 12th house and is aspected by Saturn and Ketu – this is not good for smooth functioning of Government.
  • Most disturbing aspect of the Muhurta is the placement of Moon and Sun in 8th house without any Benefic influence. This creates Balarishta yoga. Placement of Mercury in Kendra cancels the Balarishta yoga to some extent, but the afflictions will be felt, nevertheless. Moon’s affliction and Lagna lord’s ill placement means that Oath is not taken in a good state of mind and some clandestine activity will be under play from the very beginning. This will definitely affect the stability.


In mundane astrology Lagna represents the overall position of Government and head of the government is represented by 10th house and karaka is Sun. In Oath chart 10th house is occupied by 10th lord Saturn.  This is very good for functioning and stability but Sun placement in 8th house in affliction and Lagna lord placement in 12th house is not good. The authority of the head (Chief Minister) will always be challenged and there will be a lot of infighting within the Government and the party. Jupiter’s placement in 9th house is very good and it will protect the government to great extent.

4th house represents opposition party and masses – 4th lord is afflicted being weak and associated with Ketu – the opposition party will not be in a position to put pressure on Government. You may see infighting, split, and confusion among opposition parties. There is also a possibility of public movement in the coming year against Government.

Since this is a coalition Government – 7th house, the house of partnership becomes very important. 7th lord is debilitated and afflicted. It indicates misunderstanding between partners. This is major factor to be seen for this Government. There is bound to be some misunderstanding and rift among partners.

A very important point to note in this oath chart is that the dispositor of both Lagna and Moon is placed in 12th house in dual sign and both Lagna lord and Moon are placed in Mercury’s Nakshatra – lot of confusion, indecisiveness and outside influence will be the common feature of this Government.

Moon is placed in Mercury’s nakshatra –that means Mercury Dasha will be in operation at the time of oath taking –Mercury is in exchange with Venus placed in 6th house. This is not good for smooth functioning of Government from the very start. Opposition, infighting, contradictory statements, and confusion will become the frontline of newspaper.

Considering all the above factors it can be said that:

  • The oath chart is not very strong
  • Stability is in doubt. Chances of infighting, conflict, ill reputation and in later stage some scandal will be seen
  • Initial period when eclipse will affect the 2nd and 8th axis will particularly be challenging for the government – the government will have to face many tough situations from within and outside
  • Jupiter and Mercury positions are strong – it has the capacity to ward off the other afflictions but Muhurta chosen does not auger well for smooth functioning

Above analysis is written purely on Vedic astrology basis without any ill will and bias. Members are requested to give their opinion.

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