Bihar State Government 2022-2025 (English)

Astrological analysis of coming Bihar government

In an earlier post we highlighted how the NDA government of JD(U) and BJP is going to fare in Bihar. A few key highlights from it are:

  • Based on Nitish Kumar’s oath taking, his government will continue albeit it has not started in a good state of mind and indicates disruptions due to the Balarishta Yoga. The Balarishta Yoga (early death, early end) is formed but gets protected. Hence, with changed partnerships and a break, his leadership and government continues.
  • While the opposition is not in a position to pressure the government, there will be infighting in the government and its allies.
  • A lot of confusion, indecisiveness and outside influence will prevail while opposition, infighting, contradictory statements, and confusion becomes the frontline of newspaper

For a detailed review, the link is as below.

Coming to the current oath taking, here is a quick analysis to assess the upcoming situation.

While choosing a muhurta, such as for the oath-taking ceremony, the muhurta needs to be decided in a short term and cannot be delayed for a long time. As such one can only choose the day (Vaar), Tithi, Yoga, Karna, Moon sign, Moon’s nakshatra and the Lagna at the time of event. All other planetary positions are fixed. Hence, the analysis of these Panchang factors become of primary importance along with oath taking time chart. Here is the analysis of panchang factors and oath taking chart of Bihar’s new government. 

Nitish Kumar has taken oath for the 8th time in Bihar as Chief Minister after breaking with NDA and forming a new coalition Government on 10th August 2022 at 14.05 in Patna. 

As per the Hindu Panchang this corresponds to: 

  • Vaar – Wednesday (Mercury) 
  • Tithi – Trayodashi (Jaya tithi, ruled by Mars) 
  • Karna – Taitila (Mercury) 
  • Nakshatra – Uttrashadha (Sun) 
  • Yoga – Preeti (Mercury) 
  • Hora – Mercury 

Let’s discuss the Muhurta chart in detail basis on the above points: 

  • Day chosen is Wednesday – Benefic day lord – good for smooth functioning. The day lord is placed in 10th house (Kendra) in friendly sign which is good. 
  • Shukla Thrayodashi is a Jaya Tithi ruled by Mars. It is said to be auspicious for good deeds. 
  • Taitila Karna is also good. Karan lord is Mercury. 
  • Preeti Yoga is auspicious as it indicates love and joy. Yoga lord is also Mercury. 
  • Kaal Hora chosen is of Mercury which is good. 
  • Moon’s placement in Uttrashadha nakshatra ruled by Sun is good. But Moon is placed almost in Rashi sandhi which is not at all good.  Nakshatra lord, Sun is placed in Mercury nakshatra in the 9th house; which is very good. 

So, considering all of the above factors it can be said that the Panchang factors chosen are more or less good. Most striking point to note from Panchang factor of Oath taking chart is dominance of Mercury – as Day, Karan, Yoga, Hora are all related to Mercury. This will have greatest bearing on the result. 

The time of the head of government being sworn-in is very important for analysing the future of the incoming Government in any country, state, or entity. The swearing-in marks the initiation of the new term and can be thought of as the birth chart of the government. It is a crucial part in analysing the policies, stability, efforts etc. that would affect the government throughout the tenure. 

For this reason, the analysis of the swearing-in or oath ceremony chart for Bihar and the upcoming Nitish Kumar Government in Bihar becomes crucial in analysing how the next 3 years are going to be for the state. 

Oath taking chart of new Bihar Government – 10th August 2022, 14:05 IST, Patna (Bihar)

Let’s now analyse the oath taking chart: 

  • Lagna is Scorpio– a fixed sign is considered good for fixed or lasting work. Navansha is dual sign. 
  • Lagna is aspected by Lagna lord Mars and retrograde Jupiter which at first sight looks good, but Lagna lord is afflicted by Rahu and its placement in 6th house is not good. Jupiter is retrograde. So, aspect of Mars and Jupiter is not that good. From the outside, Government may seem strong but from within, it will face lot of trouble.  
  • Lagna lord is placed in 6th house with Rahu in Rashi sandhi position. and without any benefic aspect – this is not good for smooth functioning of the Government. 
  • Lagna kendra is occupied by a benefic planet (Mercury) and 2 benefic planets, Venus and Jupiter, occupy trines (5th & 9th house). So, there is no balarishta yoga as such. But the placement of Moon at Rashi sandhi, followed by Saturn; and Lagna lord association with Rahu in the 6th house do not augur well for the health of the govt. Some disturbances, anxiety will be there from the very beginning. Some of the decisions taken by government may not be long lasting and need to be rolled back. 
  • The most striking point of this chart is the influence of Mercury and influence of dual signs. As explained earlier Vaar, karan, yoga, hora, all are controlled by Mercury. Moon is placed in a dual sign, both in Rashi and Navansh. Lagna lord is also placed in dual sign in Rashi and Navansh. Rashi dispositor is also placed in a dual sign. This dominance of duality in oath taking chart clearly indicates indecisiveness, confusion and some scandalous\clandestine activities (as Mercury is aspected by Rahu). The resultant is more talks and less work (बातें ज़्यादा काम कम). 
  • Lagna lord is placed in the 6th house with Rahu, it is not a good factor for law-and-order situation. Criminal activities will increase and government would have to face major opposition in this regard. 
  • Mars-Rahu placement in the 6th house also indicates debt, many members of the government would have to face litigation or criminal cases. 
  • Lagna lord association with Rahu and retrogression of Moon’s dispositor clearly indicates lack of smooth functioning or something unusual things which are not heard before may happen during the tenure of this government. 

In Mundane astrology, Lagna represents overall position of the government and 10th house represents the head of the government. Sun is the karaka of authority and government. In this chart, 10th house is well occupied by Mercury which is good. But one must remember that Mercury, here, is the 8th lord which means head of the state is well protected but he has to face many obstacles and breaks in taking decisions. Lagna lord position is weak so, overall impression of the government will not be that good. 

4th house represents opposition parties and the masses. 4th Lord is retrograde; hence the opposition will not be in a position to put pressure on government. The government will suffer due to its own contradictions (resultant of Mars-Rahu conjunction).  

This is a coalition government so 7th house, the house of partnerships, also becomes important to analyse. Here, in this chart, 7th lord is placed in 9th house with 10th lord; which means the partner will gain more and will be in dictating position. 

Sun-Saturn opposition, Mars-Rahu conjunction and Jupiter retrogression is a clear sign of ill reputation and scandalous activities within the government. 

Considering all of the above factors, it can be said: 

  1. Oath taking chart is strong for stability of the government. 
  1. Chances of infighting, conflict, ill reputation and some scandals at the later stages are high. 
  1. Some associates, ministers and officials will have to face litigation and criminal proceedings. 
  1. Government will propagate much but, on the ground, delivery will be very less. 

The above analysis is done purely on the basis of Vedic astrology without any bias or ill will. 

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