Collective Destiny Vs Individual Destiny

There is a common myth among people that a horoscope is absolute in itself and can predict everything about a person. They believe that it can tell exactly how things are going to be for a person and every minor or major thing that happens in their life. So naturally, whenever something unexpected happens, like the corona virus spread happening now, people have a question about whether they will get infected or not.

And not just about the corona virus spread, but people expect answers for everything such as natural disasters, man made calamities and accidents. Often, even astrologers write pages about how one can identify these from someone’s birth chart.

This is absolutely not the correct approach and not something one should try to do. The horoscope is not absolute in itself but is only indicative of the possibilities of a person. If a human is born at a particular date, time and place then there are beings of other species too which could be born at the same time. It is very likely that you share your horoscope with hundreds of dogs, cows, lions, horses or even bacteria. But sadly, for the dog, even if you with the same horoscope become the Prime Minister of a country, he would not become so. And if you get married with someone, the bacteria will not get married to another bacterium on the same date.

The horoscope is just a basic framework that gives results subject to multiple other factors. The most common of which are the Desh, Kaala and Patra which identify who the person is, where he is and what type of surroundings and possibilities he is born with. Only when we have these three identified, can we make any prediction. And it is because of these three only, that the same horoscope gives different results to a man, a dog, a horse or a bacterium.

Just like these, another factor that we usually do not consider for an individual is collective destiny. Collective destiny is basically the destiny or possibility that exists for a group. That group can be anything from a family, people travelling in the same train or flight, people of a country or even the entire Earth. Whenever you become part of a community, your horoscope becomes subject to the results that the community gets. If someone is born during the World War II in Hiroshima sometime before the atomic bomb was dropped then such a person does not need any negative yogas in his horoscope to cause his death. Just the location and timing of his birth is enough to ensure that even if the horoscope indicates a long life.

Similarly, you cannot rely on your horoscope to save you when a cosmic phenomenon destroys the entire Earth. And in case of any community event like riots, recession, epidemic, natural disaster, flight crash etc. the individual horoscope does not play a role.

The role that the horoscope plays in such a case is relative. Which means, if you have a strong financial position indicated in your horoscope and if you have a good career, recession will have less impact on you. Or if you have good physical health and immunity, the possibility of an epidemic affecting you will be less than other people in general. Likewise, if you are going through a good dasha or transit, you will feel lesser negative impact or greater positive impact of the collective destiny at work.

Any event that affects a large number of people, changes the context and the rules of interpretation of the horoscope itself. And so, every prediction which was made before the collective event gets modified and any prediction made during the impact of the collective events needs to take the role of collective destiny in account.

Very rarely, extraordinarily strong yogas in a person’s horoscope can deny the effect of collective destiny on his horoscope, but such an event is very rare

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