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General Interpretations

About the Eclipse

The first solar eclipse of the year 2020 will happen next week on June 21, 2020. It will be an annular solar eclipse where the Moon will cover the Sun from the center leaving the outer rim visible, thus creating a ring of fire in the sky. It happens because the Moon is far away from Earth and its relative size is not big enough to entirely cover the Sun. This eclipse will be visible in India as well as parts of Europe, Asia, the north of Australia, Africa, the Pacific, and the Indian Ocean.

A Solar Eclipse or Surya Grahan Is a regular phenomenon that happens every 6 months when Sun transits over Rahu or Ketu. The Eclipse is an astronomical phenomenon, but its effect has been analyzed in great detail in astrological literature both on mundane as well as the individual level. In Brihat Samhita, the author Varah Mihir gives an exhaustive explanation of eclipses and their effects. 

Traditional Astrological Perspective

The current eclipse falls in the lunar month of Ashadha, in Sun’s Northerly Course and in the second Purva named Indra during the day time. Sun is placed in Gemini sign in Mirgshira nakshatra. As per Varah Mihir, if the eclipses falls in the lunar month of Aashadha, Gandhara, people of Kāśmīra, of Pulinda and of Cīna (China) will perish; and there will be an abundance of rain in someplace. For eclipse in Gemini sign, it is written that chaste women, princes, powerful men, learned men, people of the art field, people living on the banks of the Yamuna, and the rulers of Bahlikā and Matsya with their subjects will suffer miseries. If at the time of eclipse any other planet is placed in the same sign the other planet is also said to be eclipsed and gives bad results. At the time of the solar eclipse, Mercury is also transiting through Gemini so the significance of Mercury is also eclipsed. As per Varah Mihir If Mercury should be so eclipsed, men living between the Ganges and the Yamunā, on the banks of the Sarayū and in the country of Nepal, those living about the east sea and on the banks of the Śoṇa will suffer and women, princes, soldier boys and men of letters will perish.

Mundane Analysis of the Current Eclipse

Above were the effect of the eclipse as per classics. Apart from this the other astrological factors such as other planet position, aspect on eclipse point, eclipse point relationship with different countries rising point and its relation with new year chart of different countries.

 The important points to note from astrological angles in relation to Solar eclipse are-

  • It falls in Gemini sign and Mrigshira nakshatra
  • It coincides with the summer solstice date
  • Four planets-, viz. Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, and Mercury are retrograde. This is a rare phenomenon and makes the eclipse more significant as all the benefics are either retrograde or afflicted
  •  Mars, the planets of dispute, war, accidents, and sudden events forms an angular relationship with the eclipse points which is very significant
  • Sun and Moon are within one degree of the Rahu-Ketu axis
  • From the eclipse point, the 7th and 8th houses are occupied by malefic planets which also does not augur well from a mundane point of view

On the basis of the above factors, the effect of the eclipse will not be good. Since the eclipse falls in the 3 rd and 9 th house axis of natural Zodiac, it will affect the significance of 3 rd and 9 th houses. Primarily all types of communication, automobiles, railways, newspapers, postal and telephones, long journey, foreign affairs, religious and ethnic activities, law and courts, Judges and educational heads will suffer and you will see negative developments globally. The 3 rd house also indicates relations with neighbors and so many countries will face border disputes and tensed neighbor relations. The  6/8 relationship between eclipse points and Saturn, and 4/10 relationship between eclipse points and Mars denotes natural calamities, earthquakes, weather vagaries and accidents. Violent clashes and mass unrest will be seen in several places. 

In light of the Solar eclipse and the present pandemic, it can be safely said that the situation is not going to be smooth in any field- social, economic, and political. Please note that the effect of Solar eclipse is felt for six month and usually events occur when Sun and Moon make square or trinal relationship with eclipse point.

Impact on India

Now, to summarize the impact of the Solar Eclipse on India, following are the most important points to note:

  • It falls in the second house of India’s independence chart, thus it will affect the 2nd and 8th axis. It will affect the financial health of the country, export, banking, trading, death rate, state treasury, large scale losses, unexpected events, accidents, and natural calamity.
  • Mercury the 2nd lord of Independence chart and 11th lord and Karaka Jupiter is retrograde and afflicted at the moment so the financial health of the economy will not be good. Financial institutions will suffer and some scandals will also come into the light.
  • At the time of the eclipse, in Delhi Leo sign is rising -from there eclipse falls in 11th house.This is a very good saving grace and so whatever negative may happen it will not affect the health of the country.
  •  Mars forms a 4-10 relationship with eclipse points degree wise. As a result some serious border problems and clashes can not be ruled out.
  • Since eclipse falls in the 2nd house which is 8th from 7th,  it will give bad results for the significance of 7th house which signifies foreign relations, the crime against women, marriages, international disputes, and clashes.   

​​Impact on the Zodiac Signs

Overall Impact

It is a cardinal principle of astrology that the sign where the eclipse falls and the sign from where the eclipse is the eighth, the effect of eclipse becomes bad. Thus, for Gemini (loss of reputation and change of place) and Scorpio (health issues and sudden setback), the overall impact of the eclipse cannot be termed as good in any manner. For the 7th sign from eclipse i.e. Sagittarius (family trouble, health issues and change) also the eclipse will give bad results. For Leo and Aries it would be somewhat good.

Futher, if the Eclipse Nakshatra is the 3rd, 5th and 7th from one’s birth nakshatra, it gives bad results. Thus, for KrittikaUttara Phalguni and Uttara Ashadha born people the eclipse will bring about problems and miseries. For AshwiniMagha and Moola, it would bring about obstacles and delay in work. For UttarabhadrapadaPushya and Anuradha born people it would bring about health issues and sudden loss. So people born in these Nakshatra should be careful of these negative effects. 

Sign Wise Impact (For Ascendant and Moon Sign)


You should avoid unwanted journeys and be cautious while dealing with neighbors, associates and servants. There may be hindrances to your plans of higher education and father’s health will suffer. Effect on Aries born people is not very bad as the Eclipse falls in an Upchaya house. However, Ashwani born people will suffer relatively more. Worship Surya and Ganesha. 


The Eclipse is not very bad for you but you would need to be careful about your health primarily. Stressful situations may increase and food/diet may become irregular and you would need to be particular about it. You should not indulge in speculations. Any new venture at the moment is not advisable. As Venus is retrograde and so you should be extra careful in family matters. 


It is likely that you could face some identity issues or your image/reputation may suffer a bit. Health and position are also likely to suffer. Be extra cautious in domestic and property matters. Business activity and spouse’s health will suffer. Any new ventures/projects should be avoided at the moment. As a remedy, be very mindful while taking important decisions, especially if they affect your image. 


The eclipse is not very bad for you. Expenses will increase a little and you should not lend money to people as of now. Be extra careful when dealing with outsiders, strangers, foreigners and people who you do not know well or are not related to. Long journeys, travels, etc. are also not advisable at the moment. You may end up losing some of your belongings either due to theft or because of misplacing them. 


The eclipse falls in the 11th house for you which is the best place for an eclipse to happen. Leo born people should be careful in relation to children, romance and you should refrain form any speculation. Avoid taking decisions emotionally and be patient even if things seem difficult. Some bad news from friends is likely. Finances/income is set to increase.


People of this sign will face a tough situation in the workplace. Change of workplace may happen as well if things are planned. Subordinates will change and one might face opposition form both seniors and juniors. Be non-reactive and handle the situation calmly as it will gradually improve on its own. Health is going to be a cause of concern so focus on health. 


The Eclipse falls in the 9th house for Libra born people. The result is average and there would be a mixture of positive and negative results. You should be careful in dealing with parents and elders in family. There is possibility of health issues to parents, obstacles in journey, increase in expenses and delay in endeavors. Expenses will also be on the higher side but things will be good on the career and marriage front. 


The eclipse for you falls in a very bad position. People of Scorpio lagna and moon sign should be extra-careful and take strong precautions in terms of their health and finances. Accidental injuries, fall from position, health issues etc. may happen and there may be some negative news in the family. Due to the non-involvement of Mars in the eclipse, the result will be somewhat under check, so negative results will not be too bad. Anuradha Nakshatra born people should take extra precautions. 


You should take precautions in dealings with spouse and business partners. There may be adverse developments in these areas and it will affect you negatively. Ill health to spouse is possible or relationship with spouse may be put under strain. Do not be very trusting of your business partners blindly for the time being. Change of place is likely and there is a possibility of setback in business activity. Be careful in all business dealings.


The eclipse is relatively better for Capricorn and so negative effects will be minimal. Avoid taking loans at the moment and stay away from new legal issues. Pending legal issues will either be solved or move closer to being solved. There would also be progress in your job. Expenses will increase however and there would be setback on long journeys and dealings with strangers, foreigners or in foreign matters.


For people born in Aquarius, the negative impact of the eclipse will be felt on the financial condition which will be a cause of concern for you. Avoid speculations, keep your expenses on the lower side and try to save more. Relationship with children may become tensed or children will have some health issues. DO not propose, promise or get betrothed to anyone at the moment. The time period is not good to formalize/start any romantic relationship or marriage. 


You are going to face a hostile environment in family and relationship with mother is likely to suffer. Avoid purchase of movable or immovable assets at the time and avoid confrontation at home. Be extra cautious in your workplace as relationship with seniors and subordinates will be bad. There is going to be somewhat unrest in professional and personal life but it can be avoided by being calm and non-reactive. 

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