Excellent Muhurta but Predominant Fire Element

At a Glance
  • Aries lagna chosen for the muhurta is not the most auspicious but the best among the available options
  • The muhurta does justice to the glory of Lord Rama and will help the temple gain national and international recognition
  • Predominance of fire elements indicate that some violent incidents or events associated with fire hazards will be seen at the beginning an occassionally
  • The muhurta is the best among the available options and can be considered positive in general with considerations of predominant fire element

The muhurta for the Ram Mandir inauguration has been excellently chosen with the best possible combinations from the available options. We here try and analyze the most important elements of the muhurta, how it will fare out and what are the positives and negatives that we can expect around it.

This astrological analysis is a detailed analysis of all the relevant factors to highlight to astrology students about the importance of certain factors but also to make general forecast of how this muhurta will shape the upcoming days and years for the temple.

Complete Astrological Analysis

Panchang Factors

Ayan  Uttarayan Good
Hindu month Pausha  good 
Paksha  Shukla  Good  
Day Wednesday  Saumya 
Moon sign Taurus Moon is exalted 
Moon Nakshatra Mrigshira  Mridu hence good 
Tithi  Dwadashi  Jaya tithi  
Karan  Balava Considered Auspicious 
Yoga  Indra  Considered good 
Anandadi yoga  Anand Considered good 
Din, nakshatra, tithi yoga  Sarvarth Siddhi yoga  Very Good 
Kaal Hora  Mercury  Good for commerce and communication 
Abhijit  11.51 AM to 12.34 pm  Very good  
Panchak Agni panchak  from 11.06 to 12.43 pm   Not good  
Panchang Factors for the Muhurta

In the Panchang factors, only Agni Panchak which falls at time selected is bad.  

Astrological factor  

The Ascendant or Lagna selected for the muhurta is Aries, a movable sign, which although is not considered auspicious for any permanent work, is the best case scenario available at the time as all the other signs are not well-placed and the fixed signs face severe affliction.

  • Taurus: Three planets in the 8th House
  • Leo: 8th House and Kendra houses are occupied by malefic planets and the ascendant lord is placed in the 6th House
  • Aquarius: The ascendant sign being occupied by Saturn and being the 8th House from Lord Rama’s birth sign is in general inauspicious
  • Scorpio: The ascendant sign rises at an odd hour not fit for the muhurta

In the absence of a shuddha (free of afflictions) and sthir (fixed) Ascendant sign, a sthir and shuddha navamsha can be selected to overcome the defects of a movable ascendant or lagna. So the navamsha lagna selected as Scorpio, a fixed sign, is auspicious and removes the ill-effects of Aries.

Planetary positions are also relatively strong. Jupiter in lagna, Saturn in the 11th House, Sun in the 10th House, three planets in the 9th House and Moon being exalted in the 2nd House are all very favorable and auspicious positions. In the navamsha chart as well, the planetary positions are also good. The most beneficial is the placement of Jupiter which is exalted in the 9th House. Mars and Moon in the 11th House are also very auspicious.

The only blemish point in the muhurta chart is the ascendant of Scorpio which is the 8th Sign from the selected muhurta lagna. It indicates some suspicious and violent activities in and around the temple.

However, you cannot control all factors and every single variable fully while selecting a muhurta because activities cannot be delayed indefinitely waiting for a perfectly auspicious muhurta which may come years, decades or perhaps centuries later.


So the muhurta chosen is as good as it can be which minimizes all negatives and takes the best possible scenario among all available options. The muhurta will indeed uphold the kirti of Lord Rama and help the Ram Mandir getting global recognition, appreciation, acceptance and give way to it becoming a global center for religious tourism. Undoubtedly the Ram Mandir will find its place among the most iconic religious sites in the world, true to the might and glory of Lord Rama.

Still, the dominance of the fiery element or the agni tattwa because of the selection of a fire lagna, navamsha owned by a fire planet, fire influence on the Panchak cannot be ignored and will undoubtedly deliver its result. The nakshatras of lagna and Moon is also fire by nature. As such, it indicated possibility of violent incidents, fire hazards and heated confrontations in and around the temple.

Additionally, as the year lord of the next year Vikram Samvat 2081 is Mars, it further aggravates the fire influences the next vedic year beginning 9th April 2024 and ending on 30th March 2025.

Such events will be seen not just in the beginning during the days of Prana-Pratishta but also occasionally through its existence.

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