Four Planets Conjunction & the Pandemic

Due to the present condition of the world, it is very important and interesting to analyse planetary positions prevalent at present to understand how it has given rise to such a pandemic.

We will start our analysis from December 2019, as since then, the position of planets haven been extra ordinary. The results of these positions were put in action after the Solar Eclipse of 26th December 2019. The eclipse occurred in Sagittarius in the Mool Nakshtra. There were 7 planets in Sagittarius during the Eclipse. The presence of planets like Saturn, Ketu, Jupiter and Pluto has triggered harmful events that are seen even till now. As these combinations are extra ordinary and rare, predicting events like Coronavirus pandemic and its impact on humanity is impossible. However this was clear that such a combination of planets will definitely bring some bad news for the world.

On 24th January, Saturn transited to Capricorn sign. Pluto too transited to the same sign.
On 29th March, Jupiter also moved to Capricorn by accelerated motion and conjucted with Saturn and Pluto.

Adding to this, Mars has also changed the sign and transited to Capricorn.

So currently there are four planets in Capricorn: Pluto, Jupiter in close conjunction and Saturn and Mars in close conjunction. All four of these planets are in conjunction with each other within very few degrees. Saturn, Mars and Pluto are malefic planets and in Capricorn, Jupiter is debilitated and accelerated so it is not strong enough to counter the malefic influence, and ends up being more afflicted.

Due to all these reasons, conditions such as the pandemic and the after effects are going to continue being the same for a while. Since Mars is exalted, the effect of it will be felt the most. Mars is considered a warrior so it becomes stronger in the company of malefic planets. It also denotes courage, immunity and strength. So these qualities of Mars will be more pronounced during these trying times.Government and the people will show extreme courage and strength. We can also expect commendable hard work from Army, police force etc.

Conjunction of Saturn and Mars usually brings natural calamities and accidents. However, as a rule the result of conjunction doesn’t take place at the time of conjunction. The results are expected only after some days. Since Mars is dominating, the results though bad will not last for a long period. If Saturn was dominating the results would last for a longer period and will be worse.

The bad events which can be seen currently are a result of the conjunction of Saturn-Pluto and weak position of Jupiter.

In a nutshell, the present pandemic conditions will continue for sometime but it will not be very fatal and we can expect improvements from the first week of May. Major improvements can be expected only after Transit of Sun to Cancer sign which will take place in mid July.

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