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Hindu New Year & Implications

Hindu New Year begins with the commencement of Hindi month Chaitra Shukla pratipada. This year it begins on 24th March 2020 at 14.58 hours, Delhi. The chart erected for this time for the central place of a country is very important from the mundane point of view. It reflects the major events of the coming year.

Other important aspects to be considered to predict the major events of the coming year are:-

  • Sun’s entry in all the cardinal signs
  • Eclipses occurring during the year
  • Horoscope of the head of states and country
  • Major planetary conjunctions and oppositions
  • Country chart

Day of commencement of Hindu new year decides the samvatsar and planetary king of that year which guides the events of the whole year. On the basis of the sun’s entry into different cardinal signs, the planetary cabinet for the coming year is decided and accordingly prediction for the given year is made on different mundane aspects like finance, agriculture, weather, foreign affairs, etc.

The name of this year (2077) Is Pramadi. Lord of this Samvatsar is Mercury. The result of Pramadi Samvatsar as given in classics is, during this samvatsar rains and crops are medium, people suffer due to diseases, kings are kind-hearted or they do many charitable works for people. In Chaitra month, grain prices are medium while in Vaishakh and Jyeshtha, there is an accumulation of wealth. In Aashadh rains are less. In Sharvan, there is rain in the second fortnight and grains are expensive. In Bhadrapad month, rains are more and grains will be cheap. In the rest of the months, all goods are cheap but juicy materials are costly. These are the general result of Samvatsar and if there are other contraindications in the Varsh chart, results are modified.

Day lord of Chaitra Pratipada becomes king of the year which rules all affairs of the year. Point to note here is that the day lord is determined on the basis of pratipada prevailing at Sunrise time.

This year- New year – Chaitra Sukla Pratipada starts on Tuesday 24.03 2020 at 14.58 hours – so Mercury, the next day lord becomes the king as Pratipada prevails at next day sunrise time.

The planetary cabinet for this year are:-

  • King – Mercury
  • Minister – Moon
  • Lord of crops – Jupiter (Sasyesh)
  • Lord of grains – Mars (Dhanyesh)
  • Lord of rain – Sun (Meghesh)
  • Lord of fluids – Saturn (Rashesh)
  • Lord of Solids – Jupiter (Nirshesh)
  • Lord of fruits – Sun (Falesh)
  • Lord of wealth – Mercury (Dhanesh)
  • Lord of the army – Sun (Durgesh)

Affliction to any planet results in affliction to the area signified by the planet. If Jupiter is afflicted in any month or periods it will hamper overall crop. Similarly, it is for other planets.

Analysis of this year’s chart is more vital and interesting due to the CoronaVirus pandemic and economic recession.

Previous New Year Chart: 5 April 2019, 14:21 hours, Delhi

Year Lord is Saturn.

Note: Year Lord Saturn was involved in Eclipse during December 2019

New Year 2019 – New Delhi, India

Before starting the analysis for this year we must first look at the analysis of the previous year as that is when the pandemic began.

Last year the New Year started on 5th April 2019 at 14:20 hours. Lagna rising at that time was cancer where Saturn, Ketu, Pluto, and Jupiter were placed and Mars was aspecting this combination. The planetary king of the previous year was Saturn which was in close conjunction with Ketu. It clearly indicates health issues, religious clashes, and economic slowdown and controversies. If you superimpose this chart on the chart of Indian Independence, in the previous year, the afflictions are on the 2nd and 8th axis which indicates finance, center-state relationships, epidemic, religious clashes, and severe weather changes. The affliction becomes more severe due to the solar eclipse of 26th December 2019 when 6 planets including King Saturn got involved in the eclipse, in Sagittarius sign, which is the 8th house in the Indian Independence chart. If you see in retrospect everything indicated has happened the previous year (Please refer my article on Solar Eclipse and Jupiter transit tracker on this site)

Present New Year Chart: 24th March 2020, 14:58 hours, Delhi

Year Lord is Mercury

Note: Mercury will be involved in Eclipse during June-July

New Year 2020 – New Delhi, India
  • Now coming to the present year, the New Year chart of 24th March 2020(Tuesday) at 14:58 hours shows Lagna rising is Cancer. The important point to note in this chart are:
  • Saturn, Mars, and Pluto are in close conjunction in the 7th house. Pluto and Mars are in the same Navamsha.
  • Jupiter is about to enter Capricorn and is within one degree from Pluto.
  • Every planet is within the Rahu-Ketu axis forming strong Kaal Sarp Yoga. Which ends only after Mid -July
  • Pluto, Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter are placed in the Sun constellation.
  • Samvatsar name is Pramadi
  • Year lord Mercury is placed in 8th house in Rahu Nakshatra in Paap- kartari Yoga (hemmed between malefic)

The year lord is Mercury which is a fast-moving planet. It will get retrograde, combust and will come into affliction many times during this year. As per Mercury’s position, fortune will fluctuate for this country. Since Mercury is also Dhanesh – financial position, business activity, and capital market will see a very volatile position this year. One more important point to note in this regard is that there are two important Eclipse of June and July which will fall in Gemini and Sagittarius axis and Mercury will be involved in these eclipses.

The most disturbing combination in the chart is the close conjunction of Saturn, Mars, and Pluto. Pluto and Mars are fiery planets that are placed in the fiery planet Sun’s constellation without any benefic influence. This combination is in the descendant (7th house) so it exerts maximum influence on Lagna. Mars in the 7th house is very negative. It shows grave danger, international disputes, disagreement with other powers and states, the unsatisfactory condition of foreign relations and border disputes. Saturn in the 7th house is also unfavorable for foreign affairs, trades, and domestic happiness. Saturn and Mars combination is even worse and Pluto adds fuels to the fire.

7th house also governs overall business activity and trade of the country. These areas will be badly hit in the coming year. Saturn also signifies working-class, masses, labor force and downtrodden people. Mars represents – sports, police and military force, people engaged in the fire-related activity, engineering, and public vitality. These areas will see a significant downward swing.

Another disturbing aspect is the benefic Jupiter is moving towards this combination and will be afflicted throughout the year. The mundane Kaal Sarp Yog will continue till 14th July when Sun transits Cancer sign. All these factors are very destructive for the entire world. It indicates great financial depression ( like1940), natural calamities like earthquakes, transport and air accidents, epidemic and major changes in political rulership both in states and countries. Saturn, Mars and Pluto combination is in Capricorn sign which is an earth sign denoting material well being. So, the material growth of each and every individual will be affected. This combination is in the South direction so the impact will be felt more in the South area. But since Saturn and Ketu are involved – the Centre and West area will also be greatly affected. The countries where the new year starts in Capricorn and Gemini ascendant will also be severely affected.

As Capricorn rules parts of North India, Alvania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Greece, Mexico, Iran, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan, these areas will be most affected.

Indian Independence Chart: 15 August 1947, 00:00 hours, Delhi

Present dasa: Moon-Saturn from 11/12/2019 to 11/07/2021

Chart of India’s Independence

Now, let us see its impact on Indian Independence chart:-

  • Saturn, Mars and Pluto conjunction falls in the 9th house. The previous year it was in the 8th house.
  • Jupiter is about to leave the 8th house.
  • Mercury is in 10th and Venus is in 12th house

The affliction in this year’s chart is on the 3rd and 9th axis which is also considered bad but is slightly better compared to the previous year’s affliction of the 2nd and 8th axis. The 9th and 3rd house affliction is bad for the judiciary, religious activities, long travel, foreign trade, communication and relation with neighbor countries. Major negative results can be expected in these fields along with the result indicated through the New year chart. In India Independence chart, present dasa is of Moon and Saturn which is also not very promising.

On the positive side in the New year chart erected for Delhi-

  • 10th lord Mars is afflicted but exalted and aspects the 10th house.
  • Lagna lord of India Independence chart Venus is not afflicted.
  • After September 2020 – Rahu- Ketu will change axis and Jupiter will transit to 9th house of India independence chart and 7th house of New year chart from there Jupiter will protect Lagna.

Hence India has the inherent strength to overcome the present global crisis. Things will improve very much after September.

Note: The New Year Chart will vary for different countries due to their geographical locations i.e different latitude and longitude. So the prediction will vary to some extent. However, the predictions due to planetary significations will not change. House significance will change causing the area of impact to vary.

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