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Key Transits in December 2021

The month of December will witness several astronomical phenomena of significance, key among which are given below:

5th December 2021Mars transits to Scorpio
8th December 2021Venus transits to Capricorn
10th December 2021Mercury transits to Sagittarius
15th December 2021Sun transits to Sagittarius
15th December 2021Mars – Ketu conjunction (as per true Ketu position)
19th December  2021Venus will retrograde in Capricorn 2 degree
30th December 2021Venus re-enters Sagittarius
31st December 2021Mars will transit over Solar eclipse point

Above all, there would be mundane Kaal Sarpa Yoga that is only partially broken by Moon’s transit. These transits are very relevant from both mundane and individual perspectives. Below are some of the noteworthy points:

  • Conjunction of Mars & Ketu – Ketu and Mars’ transit over eclipse point without any benefic protection is expected to deliver some very disturbing results since both are fiery planets and denotes aggression, accident and sudden events. So, there will be every possibility of violence, internal and external aggression, natural calamities, demise of some important leaders, accidents. Military and defence personnel are also under threat due to this conjunction.

As this conjunction is happening in the sign of Scorpio, the capital market, infrastructure sector and real estate businesses (and/or land related disputes, signified by Mars) will be adversely impacted as well. Pending litigation matters should be put to hold for now to avoid any aggressive outcomes due to Mars – Ketu conjunction.

In addition, there would be huge volatility in the stock market that is expected to continue for some more time. It is recommended to trade with extra caution during the month. In addition, avoid any surgical procedures unless absolutely imperative.

  • Venus’ Stagnation, Retrogression & Demotion – Venus becomes retrograde only once in about 2 years hence this transit is very significant. Once again this is not a favourable transit for both individual and mundane events.

In particular, this will adversely affect relationships, the entertainment industry and females in general. Apart from relationships, Venus also represents overall prosperity and enjoyment of general people; hence people will feel stressed and general gloominess would be observed.  Some bad news related to entertainment (films/fashion), hospitality industry or the digital media can be expected.

Avoid taking any commitment, engagement in relationship matters specially till Venus becomes direct and re-enters Capricorn at the end of February 2022

Overall, all the planets will be within Rahu-Ketu axis forming mundane kaal-sarpa yoga. Royal planet Sun’s transit is also not good as it will be hemmed between 2 malefics – Mars and Saturn. This is not good for the government, head of the states & institutions and other authority figures. They will face a lot of opposition & protest from subordinates and the public.

A major saving grace is the transit of Jupiter to Aquarius where it is alone and not afflicted. So any major unfavorable incident would not happen if there is a protection in the individual natal chart and the New Year Chart for the country/states.

Please note that events do not occur exactly when the exact conjunction happens; events happen when luminaries make relationships with transiting planets. Also, these indications will hold true for mundane as well as at individual level.

In particular, for individuals Gemini, Capricorn, Virgo, Aquarius and to some extent Pisces signs are protected from all the above malefic transits. But they also must take extra precautions.

Aries: Health issues, accidents, injuries and surgery possibilities might arise. Financial matters would be OK. Be cautious about your relationship matters.

Taurus: Taurus people would also face issues related to health and relationships. Avoid any type of discussions as it may lead to altercation. 

Gemini: This transit is relatively better for Gemini people. Minor health issues and relationship problems may arise. Long pending litigation issues may get solved.

Cancer: Romance and relationships with the children will be negatively influenced. Finance matters will also deteriorate. Avoid any speculative dealings.

Leo: Domestic environment will not be pleasant. Mother’s health may deteriorate. Be extra cautious about property and vehicle matters. Relationships with subordinates will be a cause of concern.

Virgo: This is a good transit for Virgo signs. Financial growth is expected, health would be in better shape. Take extra precaution while traveling. 

Libra: Relationship with relatives will be strained. Spouse and personal health may deteriorate. Daily routine will get disturbed and will feel exhausted.

Scorpio: There will be a tendency to become aggressive and reactive easily. Take extra precautions for your health and be cautious while driving or using any sharp objects. Domestic environment will remain good.

Sagittarius: Expenses will increase and possibilities of trouble from outsiders. Those working in import\export may find this period very troublesome. Avoid finalizing any long term agreement. Relationships with children will be tense OR children’s progress will not be upto the mark.

Capricorn: This will be financially better. But disputes with friends may occur. Mother’s health would not be very good and you may have to stay away from home during this period.

Aquarius: Relationships with senior authorities would be tense and the workplace environment will be hostile. Be cautious while dealing with your boss. Jupiter’s transit through the Aquarius will provide the saving grace. Some people may get improvement in career as well based on their running periods.

Pisces: Father’s condition would not be good and problems in travel may arise. Three would be trouble from relatives.

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