Lost & Found through Nakshatra

Vedic astrology has deep roots into every aspect of our lives – be it be Natal, Horary, Samhita, or Muhurta.

Every aspect of our life can be analysed through Vedic Astrology. One such aspect which is also of day to day importance is explained here. This can have practical implications in our lives.

Many times our belongings such as mobile phone, wallet, cash, jewelry, or any expensive valuable asset gets stolen or lost.

Vedic Astrology has a way to get an information about this. It can help you in finding out the probability of recovering the item, the direction in which that item can be found and also details about the person who may have stolen it.

Firstly, you need to know the date and time of the lost article. From this data you can find the Moon Rashi and Nakshatra position. This can help you know about the stolen thing.

There are 28 Nakshatra including Abhijit. These nakshatras are divided into four groups-
Andraskh nakshatras: Rohini, Pushya, Uttaraphaguni, Visakha, Poorvashada, Dhanista, Revati

Salochan nakshatras: Krittika, Punarvasu, Poorvaphalguni, Swati, Moola, Saravana, Uttarabhadrapada

Madyaskh nakshatras: Bharani, Ardra, Magha, Chitra, Jyestha, Uttarashada, Poorvabhadrapada

Mandraskh nakshatras: Ashwini, Mrigsira, Aslesha, Hasta, Anuradha, Satabhisa.

The result of the theft will be according to the nakshatra given below:

Andraskh – Direction is East – the item will be traced and regained.

Sulochan – Direction is North – the item is lost forever.

Madyaskh – Direction is West – the item can be traced but not regained.

Mandraskh – Direction is South – item is traced and can be regained with efforts.

Another important point to be noted is, if any of the following conditions are true, then the result may be opposite.

a. If the moon is afflicted or combust
b. If nakshatra is occupied by malefic planets
c. If nakshatra happens to be eclipsed nakshatra

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