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Maharashtra Government | Oath Taking Chart Analysis (June 30th, 2022)

Yesterday Mr Eknath Shinde has taken oath as the next Chief Minister at 19.36 hours in Mumbai. It would be interesting

The astrological charts are:

Oath Taking Chart – Maharashtra State Government:

Oath Taking Chart

Panchang Factors:

Panchang Factors

Panchang Factors for Oath Taking Chart are:

  • The day is Thursday –this is good.
  • Tithi –Shukla Dwitiya- Bhadra tithi ruled by Mercury -a Somya planet.
  • Nakshatra -Punarvasu – a Jupiter nakshatra not supposed to be good for oath taking .
  • Yoga – Vyaghat – Which is not
  • Karan – Balav – which is auspicious
  • Hora – Moon – which is also good

Lagna rising at that time is Sagittarius a Dual sign- generally fixed signs are considered good for stability but if Lagna is not afflicted and if Lagna lord is strong Dual sign may be taken. Here Lagna lord Jupiter is placed in own sign in 4th house. And the Navansha rising is Virgo also a Dual sign. Navansha Lagna is also strong as Lagna lord is placed in Lagna itself.

Moon is placed in 8th house. This is not good. It creates a Balarishth yoga. But this yoga is cancelled due to Jupiter placement in Kendra.

So Panchang factors barring nakshatra and yoga are good. Let’s now analyse planetary disposition at that time. There are severe afflictions in the chart –

  1. Lagna lord in 4th house.
  2. Moon in own house in both Rashi and Navansha- Vargottam position which is very good.
  3. Kendra and trine lord are well placed – Lagna and 4th lord in 4th, 5th lord in 5th, 9th lord in 7th and 7th and 10th lord in 6th with 6th lord. 
  4. 6th, and 8th house is occupied by benefic
  5. 8th lord in 8th house without affliction indicates good longevity.
  6. 10th lord who indicates king or head is placed in 6th house. This is not good as indicates trouble through opposition, enmity, disease and over expenses. But ONE IMPORTANT point to note that 10th lord is not afflicted.
  7. 4th house lord which signifies opposition is strong and placed in Kendra

Thus, we see that Lagna, Lagna lord, Moon, and Rashi lord are all strong and not afflicted. All these factors are good for coming Government in Maharashtra.

One major disturbing point as per oath chart is affliction to 5th house. – coming time might see communal disturbances, youth unrest, scandal related to financial/ capital market and some bad news to entertainment industry.

Due to Lagna Shuddhi in Rashi and Navansha and Vargottam Moon -Government should survive its tenure.

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