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New Year 2024 Analysis | Vikram Samvat 2081


The astrological new years begins every year on the Chaitra Shukla Paksha Pratipada which is the date of conjunction of Sun and Moon in the sign of Pisces each year. The exact moment of conjunction, or when the Sun and Moon coincide at the exact same degree, is when the Amavasya of the previous month ends and the Pratipada, the first date of the bright half of the month, begins. Marking the end of the previous year and start of the first month of the new year.

Astrologically, this is the time that is most important to decide how the upcoming year will be for any entity. The capital of a country, state or coordinates of a city can be used to ascertain how the specific locations stands for that year. Based on the chart created for that exact time, known as the Varsha Pravesh chart, the event of the entire upcoming year is ascertained.

This year, the Chaitra Shukla Paksha Pratipada starts at 11:51pm on the 8th of April, 2023 for New Delhi which will mark the horoscope for the current year for India. It is this chart which will govern how the year is going to be and we are going to explore in detail about the major events of the upcoming year and how to plan for it.

A very important mark of the current year is going to be that the new year begins simultaneously with the ongoing solar eclipse. As for the current year, Rahu is transiting Pisces and Sun for the current month will be conjunct Rahu, it is a combination for Solar eclipse on the day of the new moon. As such, the beginning of the year itself is marked by eclipse and will play a major role in how the year is going to be.

With the above understanding, we now delve deeper into the subject and analyse how the result is going to be for the year to come.

Eclipse and Its Global Impact

As the current year begins with a Solar eclipse, the eclipse is fundamental to the major events of the year and how the world is going to be shaped over the upcoming months. Because the eclipse happens in the sign of Pisces and includes the sign of Virgo as well during lunar eclipses, the major impact will be on external interactions of nations with each other’s, calamities, destruction, loss, negativity, and military escalations.

A notable dictum to note is that whenever Mars transits the sign of eclipse, it leads to global unrest and chaos in all directions. As Mars is currently in Aquarius and the eclipse will be happening in Pisces, Mars’ transit to Pisces on the 23rd of April will trigger matters of unrest. Countries already at war or in confrontation will become more aggressive towards their stance. Recession like situations in northern countries, particular Europe is going to be more troubling for the common man, price rise will be a global phenomenon and pointless spending is going to increase.

Strong indications of loss of life and property due to natural disasters like earthquake, water disasters, volcanic eruptions are indicated in multiple parts of the world, particularly between 7th April – 1st June. It is during the same time that acts of aggression between countries will also flare up.

As the impact of eclipses and their aftermath last for the period of one Ayana (6 months), the time until October will be most impacted. Another eclipse that happens in the month of October will also be difficult particularly in terms of hostility of nations towards one another, enmity, suffering of the common man and man-made destruction including rail/road accidents. Multiple such incidences will be seen.

Impact on India

All the four eclipses of the year are not going to be visible for India which is a very positive situation. No major impact will be felt in the Indian context and the country will maintain its steady pace of growth and financial prosperity. Particularly since the eclipse happens in the 11th house of the country’s chart, it will be favourable financially and economically for the country leading to better economic development.

Vikram Samvat 2081 for India: Astrological Background

Varsha Pravesh for Vikram Samvat 2081

The year Vikram Samvat 2081 begins with Sagittarius as the ascendant and Mars as the king of the year. The Varsha Pravesha chart is analysed by allotting specific dignities to the planets which determines how the year is going to be across major areas. The dignities allotted for the current year are:

Ruler (Raja)MarsAggression and Force
Minister (Mantri)SaturnDiscipline and Force
Commander of the Army (Durgesh)VenusHidden Clandestine developments
Lord of Paddy (Agra-Dhanyadhipati)MarsGood early harvest
Lord of the Clouds (Meghadhipati )VenusExcellent Rains
Lord of Fruits and Vegetation (Rasadhipati)JupiterExcellent Agricultural production
Lord of the winter crops (DHanyaDhipati)SunAverage late harvest
Lord of Finance (Dhanesh)MoonIncrease in wealth, reducing in interest rates
Lord of Gold, metal, and minerals (Nirshesh)MarsMining and mineral exports will increase
Dignities for the Year

Along with this, the salient points for the chart are as follows:

  1. Ascendant Lord (indicating the overall year) is well placed in the 5th house
  2. 10th Lord representing the king (Prime Minister) is Very well placed in the 5th house
  3. 4th house of opposition parties is in significant affliction
  4. Mars and Saturn in the 3rd house indicate problems due to communication, neighbors and some escalation of conflict
  5. Significant affliction of the 9th house along with eclipse to the Sun indicates religious turmoil in the country, shadow over the judiciary and decisive judicial reforms in the country
  6. Affliction of the 6th house with eclipse and malefic influences indicate unrest in the labour class of he society, unrest due to agricultural sector / farmers and unionized unrest on multiple instances.

Detailed Impact of the New Year on India

Despite everything, the impact of the current new year on India is pretty favorable for several reasons. Primarily, as the eclipses are not visible there will not be major unrest during the year. Next, because the positions of Lagna Lord, 10th lord and 5th houses are strong respectively, the year is quite favourable for growth and prosperity of the country.

The year does indicate major reforms, changes and turmoil as well along with growth. We will cover the individual points in detail for each of the impacted areas:


The current year is overall very positive for the country with excellent financial growth, better recognition of the country globally and major decisive measures from the government to strengthen the country in the long run. However, on the negative side, conflict like situations are indicated a few times in the country, particularly around the border and neighbouring countries in the north, internal conflict with armed militants a few times, protests by farmers, workers and unionized groups that lead to escalation of tension and some communal violence.

Due to the affliction of the 3rd house, rail and road accidents are strongly indicated with a few major events happening this year. Along with it, issues due to arms/weapons and some armed conflicts are also indicated. Extremist activity will create conflict a few times.

Communication will suffer due to the affliction to the 3rd house and miscommunication, errors in communication, fake news and propaganda will be seen on multiple instances.

The major focus of the year will be reforms by the government and the aggressive pace of growth that the country witnesses. Overall, it will be a year favourable for the common man and for long-term nation-building.

Political Situation

The 4th house for the Varsha Pravesh chart is in severe affliction due to the eclipse, showing the state of political parties. The lagna is protected and the lagna lord placed in the 5th house is favorable for the future of the country indicating the formation of a strong, stable, decisive and powerful government. The 10th house, denoting the King is with the lagna lord ensuring that the Prime Minister will comfortably come back after winning the election. It is likely that the current government either crosses or reaches close to its aim of 400 seats. Irrespective of the actual numbers, it will be a win that creates multiple records in terms of the strength of the government and weakness of the opposition.

In the run-up to the election, the opposition will self-decimate with its internal chaos and problems. Several serious issues about the opposition parties are going to come into light in the days to come particularly after the 9th of April which will make the people lose confidence in their leadership even more so than how situation stands today.

Because of affliction to the 3rd house, misinformation and propaganda will be the tools employed strongly in this election. In the runup to the election, and after every major policy move of the government, communication propaganda will create or try to create unrest within the country with some instances of miscommunication or fake news leading to conflict, loss of life and unrest.

There will be multiple instances to brew up communal tension in the country which will majorly be motivated by the opposition parties.


The lord of the year, Mars, indicates aggression and force indicating that the government will be decisive and aggressive in its policy. Major decisions will be taken, and the government will not be willing to compromise from its stance. Unlike the past, the government will not go back on its decision and will see things through.

Two major indications for the year are that the government is indicated to bring about major judicial reforms or work in direction of judicial reforms along with taking decisions that bring about strong and long-lasting changes to the country.

Because of the retrogression of the 10th lord, the government is likely to either take unconventional and strong decisions with long-term consequences that impact the country in a strong way, or the government is likely to put long-standing decisions/positions into review and rework on matters with a fresh start to bring long-standing issues or approach to major reforms. The government will take at least few decisions thought to be impossible so far which will be similar to how the country reacted on dissolution of article 370 in the 2019.

Because the minister of the year is Saturn, there is inherent conflict in the ruler and the minister as Saturn and Mars are inimical to each other. As a result, the policies or decisions brought about by the government will face a little difficulty in getting in-acted but would eventually happen smoothly. The impact of Saturn, and the conflict with he ruler will ensure that the strict and harsh measures are smoothened out and enacted in a smooth manner over time. There will be conflict between the central government and state governments in multiple occasions, changes to the heads of institutions particularly those that are involved with rollout of new policy decisions and some conflict between the ministries and people enacting those at the ground level. However, with mutual effort and conflict resolution the final rollout and impact will be as per the government’s planning and will be smooth for the public without backlash.  


Economically the year is very favourable. Financial matters are well protected with the strength of the 2nd and 11th lord along with favourable placements for Jupiter and Mercury. Major economic reforms are indicated for the year because of the affliction of the lord of finance for the year (Moon). Food prices and inflation will be on the higher side but interest rates will reduce on the banking side.

As Mars is placed with Saturn in Aquarius, land reforms that bring about decisive and long-term change to landownership will be seen. It will not be wild to anticipate a demonetization-like drastic measure towards landownership in the governments chain of strict measures to curb corruption.

The 7th house lord in association with the Lagna lord in the 5th house Indicates better international focus and increasing ties with other countries. Foreign direct investment will increase, several free trade agreements will be set in place and business norms will be eased to create a more fluid system of cross-country business activities to give a major boost to commercial, business, and industrial activities.

The Saturn-Mars conjunction also indicated major infrastructure push with infrastructure projects increasing exponentially and project deliveries happening at a very frequent basis. ‘

As Moon is the lord of finance for the year, liquidity and cash-flow will increase. Markets will soar, inflation would be in control and most notably interest rates will be reduced by banks to give a further boost to the economy. These results will be more strongly felt in the 2nd half of the year.

Defence and Security

From a defense perspective, the year is pretty favourable. Major reforms will be seen with respect to the security of the country and modernization of the military. Because Mars and Saturn are together in the 3rd house of conflict and security, a major focus all through the year will be building the military strength both through weapons and through the workforce.

Mars representing military is placed in conjunction with Saturn which represents stable and decisive actions giving long-term favorable results. As such, major reforms and revamps are indicated in the Indian military and news of several weapons production, purchase, testing and modernization will be seen. Research and development in the defence sector will see major boost and several new opportunities will be created. Focus will be on procurement but on production as well with strong focus on long-term innovation.

As Venus is the commander in chief of the year, it indicates bold and decisive military actions but also clandestine activities. Reports of Indian interests being secured around the world (through secret attacks, espionage or other clandestine activities) will be in the news although without any strong evidence to actually tie them to indian involvement. Additionally several subtle measures of reform will be seen in military. Covert strikes, attacks, measures to gain the upper hand and hidden advancements by the Indian military will be visible multiple times during the year. Hidden/secretive weapons development is also indicated.

Because of the Saturn-Mars conjunction in the third house in the sign of Aquarius, the northern borders will face conflict and indications of some escalated military conflict is likely. It is in this context as well, that covert military actions can be seen. Along with this, some internal conflict in different regions and armed conflict with some internal militant groups is also seen.

Agriculture, Climate and Rainfall

With Mars as the lord for summer crops, the early harvest for the country is going to be excellent. Venus as the lord of clouds indicates favourable rains and Jupiter as the lord of fruits and vegetation indicates excellent harvest. Overall, the year will be favourable as far as agricultural production is concerned. The winter crops are going to be slightly lesser than the production targets due to Sun being the lord of winter crops.

Aside from a favourable year from monsoon, harvest and production perspectives, the year will see dissatisfaction and aggression from the farmers side and from other workforces engaged in physical labour or unionized blue-collar work. Farmer unrest is likely to spark again post-election and cause some unrest within the country. Significant hostile environment will be seen once or twice due to such activities.


The 9th house of a chart represents not just religion and communal harmony, but also the sense of justice, righteousness and rightful authority of the Judiciary. For the current year, as the 9th lord is in severe affliction due to the eclipse and moreover the malefic influences of Saturn and Mars directly fall on the 9th house; all while the Sun the planet too is combust in the 8th house from the 9th house, the situation indicates at a judicial crisis.

There is possibility of Judicial overreach that tarnishes the image of the judiciary in front of the Indian public along with questionable decisions by the judiciary leading to loss of confidence in multiple instances.

However, since Saturn and Mars are the influencing planets, it also indicates strong decisive steps taken by the governmental authority towards long-term reforms. As a result, government’s push towards judiciary reforms is strongly indicated and measures that impact the judicial system in the long run will unfold. This is going to be in sync with he Prime Minister’s promise that the third term will be of major transformative decisions. The reforms are going to be such that they either lead to judicial interference, or a loss of confidence or will arise in response to judicial interference or loss of confidence in the judiciary.


While the year indicates turmoil and obstacles in general, primarily to the western world, in most respects the year will be quite rewarding for India continuing it on its journey against all odds. The current government will continue with strength and widespread public support although certain sections will continue to create unrest and have differing viewpoints leading to significant conflict at times.

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