New Year Analysis: Vikram Samvat 2079

How the year ahead is going to be for the world in general

Story Highlights
  • The Hindu New Year begins with the commencement of the Hindi month of Chaitra on the Shukla Pratipada which will be April 1st, 2022 for this year.
  • Rulers and people in general will be more concerned about materialistic things. Rivalry, jealousy, hatred, aggression, clandestine activities and greed will be on the rising side. There are strong indications of changes in a few regimes or changes of heads of states at some places across the world.
  • Better sense of governance will prevail but there would be social, economic and political turmoil now and then for every country.
  • Common people would suffer due to weather and war-like environment. Inflation, price rise and a sense of scarcity of food will be seen.
  • Aggression will be on the rise along with internal and external aggression. Violent events, agitations and natural calamities will create damage to life and property multiple times in different parts of the world.
  • Military activities, autocratic leadership and imposition by authorities on the common man will be visible all across the world.
  • There will not be a full recovery from COVID-19 Pandemic but the situation will be much better.
  • Financially speaking, markets would behave erratically and the common man would suffer due to inflation.
  • For India, agitation against government is indicated although the government will remain stable. There would be demise and downfall of some important political leaders through the year. Financially, India will easily overcome global odds but government expenses would increase.
  • There would be a more rapid trend towards business from job in India.
  • Ongoing Ukraine Russia crisis is likely to end by mid-April followed by change in leadership of Ukraine. In spite of dominance, Russia will not be able to dictate all its terms and Russian citizens will also suffer in the process. Foreign relationship, trade, relationship with neighbors and communications will all suffer heavily. There is a possibility of change in Russian Leadership.

The Hindu New Year begins with the commencement of the Hindi month of Chaitra on the Shukla Pratipada (first day of the brighter half of lunar cycle). This year it begins on Monday, April 1st,  2022 at 11:55 AM, Delhi. The chart created for this time for the capital of a country is very important from the perspective of analyzing national trends and overall tone of the year. It reflects the major events, climatic, political, economic, and social for the year to come.

So analyzing the chart for this year we can arrive at an overall snapshot of the major events and trends that will be visible in the current year. There are a couple of other factors which become important as well, such as:

  • Sun’s movement through the signs decides the monthly outcome and the different portfolios of the planets for the coming year.
  • Eclipses that occur during the year trigger weather upheavals, natural calamity, unprecedented events, and major rest.
  • The individual horoscopes of the heads of states and countries also determine how the population will be impacted by their individual destinies as they’re in a position that also influences others around them.
  • Major planetary positions that form in a year
  • The chart or the ‘horoscope’ for the country which is essentially when the country officially came into existence in its current definition.

The day of commencement of the Hindu New Year decides the Samvatsar and the King for that year. The King being the planet that will play the most significant role in shaping the year. In fact, not just the king but on the basis of the movement of the Sun through various signs, the entire planetary cabinet is decided for the year as to which planet will be the ministers under what portfolio and control the finances, agriculture, weather, foreign affairs etc.

In religious and astrological practices, the Samvatsar is calculated in sequence. Last year was Ananda and the current year is going to be Rakshas. As the name suggests, the year will be full of Tamasik activities. The king and people in general will be more concerned about materialistic things. Rivalry, jealousy, hatred, aggression, clandestine activities and greed will be on the rising side. There are strong indications of changes in a few regimes or changes of heads of states at some places across the world.

The Planetary Cabinet

The entire planetary cabinet for the year is decided based on the planetary positions in the chart for the year. The lord of the day for the first day of the year (Chaitra Shukla Pratipada, decided at the time of first sunrise of the year) becomes the King for the year and rules all affairs.

The entire planetary cabinet for the year is as below:

Lord of the Crops and Harvest (Sasyesh)Saturn
Lord of Grains (Dhaanyesh)Venus
Lord of the Rain (Meghesh)Mercury
Lord of the fluids (Rasesh)Moon
Lord of Solids (Nirsesh)Saturn
Lord of Fruits (Phalesh)Mercury
Lord of Wealth (Dhanesh)Saturn
Lord of the Army (Duresh)Mercury
Planetary Cabinet of the Year

Throughout the year, any conditions or afflictions to any planet results in affliction to the area signified by the planet. If Saturn is afflicted in any month or period, it will affect the king and overall condition of the country as well as finances and economic activities. Apart from planetary cabinet the transit position of different planets and the eclipse occurring in the year affects the overall result. Annual results are mostly decided by the relationship, affliction, speed and motion of the King and minister of the year concerned. This year Saturn-Jupiter relationship is neutral one but since Jupiter is the minister, in governance better sense will prevail most of the times. Here, it is also important to note that Jupiter’s capacity to balance depends on Jupiter’s affliction and state & dignity.

Eclipses During the Current Year

In 2022, there will be four eclipses, two solar and two lunar. The dates for which are:

  • Lunar Eclipses: May 16th and November 8th, 2022
  • Solar Eclipses: April 30 and October 25th, 2022

This year, the eclipses will be particularly significant for the countries for which the rising sign at the commencement of the new year will be Aries, Libra, Virgo and Pisces. Many unprecedented situations, unrest and natural calamities will arise in these countries. Severity will depend on the strength of the nation’s horoscope. In the case of India it will affect 5th and 11th houses of the New Year chart as well as the Indian independence chart. So the eclipse is particularly not so bad for India.

Important Conjunctions\Oppositions in coming Year & the impact

Saturn: In the beginning of the year Saturn would be transiting through Capricorn but it will move to Aquarius on 29th April 2022. Saturn will remain there till 11th July 2022. From 12th July to the rest of year Saturn will again remain in Capricorn hence Saturn’s movement will be erratic throughout the year – as it will accelerate, become stagnant, will go direct, and then retrograde. Saturn’s condition will be demoted when transiting through Capricorn after July 12th. Saturn’s movement is very significant as Saturn is the king of the year. It clearly indicates instability, ups & downs in social, economical and political matters for every country in general; degree of the impact may vary based on individual nation’s leader’s and national charts.

Jupiter: In the beginning of the year Jupiter will be transiting through the Aquarius sign. It will move to Pisces on 13th of April; Jupiter will remain there throughout the year. Jupiter will go through retrograde motion from 28th July to 24th November 2022. Jupiter transiting through its own sign is a positive factor; but for most of the year, Jupiter will be in retrograde motion and in the beginning, it will be transiting through Saturnian sign. Jupiter’s grace to balance the malefic influences will not be much visible in the coming year. In the beginning of the year, Jupiter & Venus will be transiting through the Aquarius sign. The combination of Jupiter & Venus is not said to be good at mundane level. It is said:

एक जगह गुरु-शुक्र हो, तो बने युद्ध आसार।
अनावृष्टि-अतिवृष्टि से, दुःख पावे संसार।।

Conjunction of Venus and Jupiter causes war-like situations. General people suffer due to weather vagaries.

This year, Jupiter-Venus will conjunct, both in Aquarius and Pisces.

Rahu-Ketu: Throughout the year Rahu-Ketu will transit through Aries & Libra respectively. Here, it is important to cite an important astrological rule that whenever malefic planets transit through cardinal signs, major upheavals and lasting events occur. This year, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu will be transiting through cardinal signs Capricorn, Aries & Libra respectively. It is also said that:

राहु आवे मेष पर, क्रूर ग्रहों के साथ।
महंगाई, दुर्भिक्ष, दुःख से, हो प्रजा अनाथ।।

When there is a conjunction of Rahu-Mars in Aries, suffering of the common people increases through inflation, price rise, shortage of eatables.

Mars-Saturn Combination: The most disturbing aspect of this year is that at the beginning, Saturn-Mars are transiting through Capricorn. This combination indicates disturbances in different parts of the country throughout the world, violent agitations, accidents, some incidents of natural calamities, war-like situations, internal & external aggression in different parts of the world. In general aggression will be on the rise and there will be a public tendency to disobey rules and norms.

It is important to note here that in Capricorn both, Saturn & Mars are strong; Saturn is in its own sign and Mars is in exaltation. This creates a type of planetary war; the result of which is increase in aggression, military activities (signified by Mars) and suffering of the masses (signified by Saturn). Mars overcomes Saturn, that means, military or autocratic activities will be on the rise.

Mars-Rahu Conjunction: This conjunction will take place between 28 June to 11 August 2022 the combination will lead to earthquakes, accidents, secret military activities, erratic movement in the capital market etc.

Mars-Saturn Opposition: Lasting between June 2nd and July 20th, the combination will lead to problems such as labor unrest, agitation among the working and poor sections of the society. Disturbances in the northern parts of the country, frequent incidents of accidents and chaos.

Sun-Saturn Opposition: Between July 16th and August 17th, the state heads will come under stress. This will be particularly visible at the national level for the central government.

Saturn-Pluto Capricorn Transit: It is continuing from the last year when Saturn transits to Capricorn again after July 2022. There will be no complete/permanent recovery from the COVID-19 Pandemic, economic upheavals, political, social and military unrest despite best efforts.

Above results are applicable on a mundane level for each and every country. Degree of impact and the area of influence may vary depending on the rising sign at the commencement of the new year and the country’s individual national chart. To analyze this we must study the new year chart and country chart separately for each country. In this context let us see the impact on India and the country which are in the news at present.

New Year Chart for India (Delhi)

New Year Chart for New Delhi

India’s Independence Chart

India’s Independence Chart

These charts are the most vital data points for analyzing the outcome of mundane results in the Indian context as it is based on the coordinates of the capital of India. The important astrological points to note for the chart are as below:

  1. Saturn & Mars are transiting through the 8th house; the most dreaded combination for the 8th house. It indicates accidents, natural calamities, possibilities of internal or external aggression, labor unrest and agitations against establishment. The saving element is the aspect of Jupiter in Lagna and Jupiter-Venus conjunction in the 9th house which will prevent the conditions from going out of control. The 10th Lord in the new year chart is well placed, this ensures stability of the government. In most of the cases, the government will be able to overcome the adverse situation but one thing is certain that some unusual sudden events and disturbances in a few parts of the country will be in the news. Saturn-Mars conjunction also indicates demise or downfall of important political leaders or heads of the institutions.
  2. Rahu’s position in the 11th house, Jupiter-Venus in 9th and Lagna lord position in 10th is good from a material\financial point of view. In spite of the adverse situation, the economic situation of the country will not become bad. India will easily overcome the odd situations prevailing at international level.
  3. The rising sign is Gemini, which is the 2nd house of India’s independent chart, which shows increase in economic and business activities. Govt expenses will increase, more and more people will opt for their own business activities.
  4. Since all the planets are hemmed within Rahu-Ketu axis, some or other disturbances will always be there throughout the year. Affliction of 2nd house by Saturn & Mars indicates tension in state-center relationship, financial mismanagement and scandals also.
  5. Mars-Saturn conjunction in the 8th house is a clear sign of rivalry, epidemics, pandemics and increase in public borrowing.
  6. Political situation will remain, more or less, the same. Some states may see a new government or change in leadership.
  7. In the new year chart the most afflicted houses are 8th house, 2nd house and 5th house. So the matters signified by these houses will suffer the most in the coming year.
  8. For India, the impact of eclipses this year is not bad as it happens in 6th & 12th houses of India’s independent chart and 5th & 11th houses in the new year chart.

Let us now see the impact of the new year on Russia and Ukraine, which are in the middle of a confrontation at present.

New Year Chart for Ukraine (Kyiv)

Ukraine’s New Year Chart

Independence Chart for Ukraine

Ukraine’s Independence Chart

Ukraine’s independence chart clearly explains the present crisis as Saturn & Pluto are passing through the ascendant in trine to Mars. In this chart, 4 planets are placed in the 8th house without any benefic influence. This clearly shows some longevity issues for the nation. Though the lagna lord is placed in the lagna itself, but is retrograde. In the new year chart Saturn & Mars are in trine to Lagna and placed in the Dhanishtha nakshatra, ruled by Mars. Lagna is also placed in Krittika (agni) nakshatra. This also explains the present crisis. The crisis will continue till Saturn stays in Capricorn. But the inherent strength of the new year chart is good as most of the planets are in the visible half and the ascendant lord is well placed. So, Ukraine is not going to succumb to Russian pressure as it will continue to gain international support. Ascendant lord association with the 8th lord is deceptive as it indicates large scale destruction.

Ongoing war crisis is likely to end by the end of March or latest by the 2nd week of April. This would be followed by the change of leadership with the movement of Saturn in Aquarius.

New Year Chart for Russia (Moscow):

Russia’s New Year Chart

Independence Chart for Russia

Russia’s Independence Chart

In the Russian independent chart, Saturn is passing through natal position. Rahu-Ketu are about to transit from kendra houses (4th & 10th). It means that all the malefics would transit through kendra houses, which is not good for the country’s health, reputation and financial position. Saturn will soon transit through the 8th house as well, which is also not good. These planetary positions indicate that in spite of dominance, Russia will not be in a position to command or dictate terms in the present crisis\war. Rather, Russia will also have to suffer a lot.

New year chart for Moscow (Russia) also indicates some trouble for Russia in the coming months. In the new year chart 3rd, 9th and 12th houses are the most afflicted; which means that foreign relations, foreign trade, relations with neighboring states & communication will suffer a lot.

It is equally important to see the head of the state’s chart to correlate the events and get insights for the future. Here is the birth chart for Vladimir Putin:

Vladimir Putin’s Birth Chart

In this chart as well, Lagna, Kendra is\will be occupied by malefic planets during transit this year. Present Saturn\Mars conjunction in 4th house for Putin indicates an adverse environment within the country for him. Opposition or voice of descent will increase day by day. At present, transiting Saturn is passing over natal Rahu; which clearly justifies the present aggression & large scale criticism for Putin. Rahu-Ketu transit from Putin’s ascendant and 7th house definitely would bring decline in his popularity and increase descent within and outside the country. There is a possibility of some change in Russian state leadership.

When we compare the chart for Ukraine & Russia in the context of present transit; there is no clear indication of any party losing or winning. Both the parties would suffer and this suffering will be felt for quite a long time.

Present conflict may continue till 14th of April but there is every possibility of peace\ceasefire between 19th March – 14th April. Confrontation, uneasiness & tension would still be present but the situation will not aggravate any further.

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