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New Year – Vikram Samvat 2078

A year of expression after a year repressed.

The Hindu New Year begins with the commencement of the Hindi month of Chaitra on the Shukla Pratipada (first day of the brighter half of lunar cycle). This year it begins on Monday, April 12th, 2021 at 08.01 AM, Delhi. The chart created for this time for the capital of a country is very important from the perspective of analyzing national trends and overall tone of the year. It reflects the major events, climatic, political, economic, and social for the year to come.

So analyzing the chart for this year we can arrive at an overall snapshot of the major events and trends that will be visible in the current year. There are a couple of other factors which become important as well, such as:

  • Sun’s movement through the signs decides the monthly outcome and the different portfolios of the planets for the coming year.
  • Eclipses that occur during the year trigger weather upheavals, natural calamity, unprecedented events, and major rest.
  • The individual horoscopes of the heads of states and countries also determine how the population will be impacted by their individual destinies as they’re in a position that also influences others around them.
  •  Major planetary positions that form in a year
  • The chart or the ‘horoscope’ for the country which is essentially when the country officially came into existence in its current definition.

The day of commencement of the Hindu New Year decides the Samvatsar and the King for that year. The King being the planet that will play the most significant role in shaping the year. In fact, not just the king but in basis the movement of Sun through various signs, the entire planetary cabinet is decided for the year as to which planet will be the ministers under what portfolio and control the finances, agriculture, weather, foreign affairs etc.

In religious and astrological practices, the Samvatsar is calculated in sequence. Last year being Pramadi and the current year was going to be Ananda. Now, ideally the Samvatsar should have started from 25th March itself but instead is going to start from 12th of April. Because of the luni-solar nature of astrological calendar, it happens at times that in the calculations an entire year gets skipped because the combinations that should have happened last longer or shorted. So the current year that was going to be Ananda (joy) gets skipped and moves on to the next, which is Rakshasa (demonic). Such an event is happening after 90 years and as the name suggests, the result is particularly about increase Tamasik attributes (greed, jealousy, aggression, animosity).

The Planetary Cabinet:

The entire planetary cabinet for the year is decided based on the planetary positions in the chart for the year. The lord of the day for the first day of the year (Chaitra Shukla Pratipada, decided at the time of first sunrise of the year) becomes the King for the year and rules all affairs.

The entire planetary cabinet for the year is as below:

  • King: Mars
  • Minister: Mars
  • Lord of the Crops and Harvest: Venus (Known as Sasyesh)
  • Lord of Grains: Mercury (Known as Dhaanyesh)
  • Lord of the Rain: Moon (Known as Meghesh)
  • Lord of the fluids: Sun (Known as Rasesh)
  • Lord of Solids: Venus (Known as Nirsesh)
  • Lord of Fruits: Moon (Known as Phalesh)
  • Lord of Wealth: Jupiter (Known as Dhanesh)
  • Lord of the Army: Moon (Known as Duresh)

Throughout the year, any conditions or afflictions to any planet results in affliction to the area signified by the planet. If Jupiter is afflicted in any month or periods, it will hamper overall finance of the country. And similarly it will be for the other planets.

Eclipses During the current Year:

In 2021, there will be four eclipses, two solar and two lunar. The dates for which are:

Lunar Eclipses: May 26th and November 19th, 2021

Solar Eclipses: June 10th and December 4th, 2021

This year, the eclipses will be particularly significant for countries for which the rising sign at the time of commencement of new year will be Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. Many unprecedented situations, unrest and natural calamities will arise in these countries. Severity will depend on the strength of the nation’s Horoscope. In the case of India it will affect Lagna and 7th house of the New Year chart as well as the Indian independence chart. So the eclipse is particularly not good for India. Health of citizens, general condition/disturbances, and foreign relations will be negatively afflicted. In the current year, the eclipses occur in fixed signs so the effect will be long lasting.

Important conjunctions and Opposition in coming Year:

  • Mars-Rahu Combination: At the beginning of the year, the combination indicates disturbances in different parts of the country, violent agitations, accidents, and some incidents of natural calamities. In general aggression will be on the rise and there will be a public tendency to disobey rules and norms.
  • Mars-Ketu Conjunction: Between December 7th, 2021 to January 16th, 2022 the combination will lead to earthquakes, accidents, fire hazards, etc.
  • Mars-Saturn Opposition: Lasting between June 2nd and July 20th, the combination will lead to problems such as labor unrest, agitation among the working and poor sections of the society. Disturbances in the northern parts of the country, frequent incidents of accidents and chaos.
  • Sun-Saturn Opposition: Between July 16th and August 17th, the state heads will come under stress. This will be particularly visible at the national level for the central government.
  • Saturn-Pluto Capricorn Transit in continuation from the last year: There will be no complete/permanent recovery from the COVID-19 Pandemic despite best efforts.

New Year Chart for Delhi

India’s Independence Chart:

This is the most vital point for analyzing the mundane chart. The important astrological points to note for the chart are as below:                              

  • At the time of commencement of the New Year, the lagna rising is Taurus at 5 degrees in Aquarius Navamsha. Mars and Rahu occupy the lagna. It is stated in classical texts of astrology that when Taurus rises at the time of new year, there will be scarcity of food in the West and South, disturbances in the east and less harvest in the North.
  • The lord of the year, Mars is a fiery and violent planet. The great Varahmihira writes about Mars that when Mars is the year lord, it will not give very favorable results. There will be fear from fire, accidents, unknown diseases, theft, loss of wealth and problems due to irregular rainfall. It is mentioned in classics that Mars becoming the year lord results in Famine (दुर्भिक्ष), war, enmity and agitation (विग्रह).
  • The year starts with Mars-Rahu conjunction and trinal placement of Saturn from this conjunction. So the start of the year will witness opposition, dissent, accidents, earthquakes, etc. the Samvatsar Rakshasa adds further negative results.
  • A very important point to note here is that in India, the independence chart also has Taurus rising. So all the positive and negative results for the year will be more pronounced particularly for India.
  • The lagna lord placed in the 12th house as Vargottama with a strong Jupiter in Kendra. Saturn in a favorable placement along with Sun, Moon and Mercury in the 11th house are all favorable combinations for the year. All except for the Mars-Rahu combination. So the chart has an inherent capacity to ward off negative results to a great extent. This is to say, in spite of negative developments, the government or the public will not suffer much.
  • The 10th house and 10th lord Saturn well placed in the chart is good for the King (Prime Minister). But the Navamsha chart shows fierce opposition, clandestine activities against the government, scandals that will come into light at the center and state government levels. Rahu’s influence on Saturn in Navamsha indicates foreign disturbances or involvement of foreign powers in internal disturbances. However, despite opposition and negative developments in certain fields, the King’s position and reputation will be intact due to Jupiter and Sun’s strength and position in the chart.
  • The 4th house which represents the opposition is afflicted by Mars aspect but there is also the protection from Jupiter. The 6th and the 8th house from the 4th is occupied by malefic planets which is another afflictions. So all in all, the opposition parties will suffer but they will at least manage to save face to some extent. So certainly, in the recent elections some states will go to the opposition parties and the center will not be able to maintain a 100% success ratio. However, the central government will very certainly make major gains and even gain power in a few states this year where it has historically not been in a powerful gain.
  • In the new year chart, 2nd lord placed in the 11th house and Jupiter’s aspect on the 2nd house is good for financial growth of the country in the upcoming year. The GDP will improve, and inflation will be under check. Jupiter, also being the lord of wealth for this year indicates that the growth rate will be good. Banking sector will perform very well this year.
  • In spite of Mars being the king for the year, the condition for the crops will be good as the position of Venus and Mercury are good. Though there may be shortage of rain in some parts.
  • The rising sign of Taurus, a fixed sign with the fiery Mars in it and Venus too in a fiery sign indicates heat and rise in temperature. For the upcoming 8 months, Jupiter will also be transiting through the constellation of Dhanishtha along with Saturn. As a result, the weather will be very hot and dry, people will become aggressive on slight provocation and in general heat will prevail in the weather, in calamities and in behavior.

Overall, it is a year that will bring about some stability and growth in terms of the economy after the chaos of 2020. The aggression and unrest that has been building up for over a year now will be visible in quite a lot of situations. At the same time, the weather conditions will be a bit extreme and so will be the temperament. Accidents and disasters can occur more frequently but without much damage. In essence, it will be a year that rebuilds and at the same time brings into open the prevailing frustration and aggression within.

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