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Note on Lakshmi Pujan Muhurtha

It has now become quite in vogue to write or discuss about Pujan Muhurta and Vidhi on the occasion of any festival in the popular media – both print and AV. But it is indeed sad when the so called learned astrologers and self-proclaimed pundits talk about this topic without understanding the basics of Muhurta Shastra.

Remember that Muhurta is always specific to both the occasion and individual and is never generalized. No Muhurta can be deemed to suit everyone universally for simple astrological reasons:

  1. A muhurta that falls in the 8th house of an individual can never give positive results
  2. A muhurta where the Lagna is afflicted by Malefics can never give positive results
  3. A muhurta without proper Lagna Shuddhi in relation to the individual’s horoscope can not be auspicious.

I know people often say that some Tithi or Nakshatras are good for everyone but please remember that these are very generic statements. Every Tithi or Nakshatra or other factors that constitute a Muhurta must adhere to the basic cannons of astrology to be auspicious. For a larger communal purpose, a general Muhurta can be chosen, but for individuals the choice of Muhurta is always driven by their individual horoscope.

A very strong emphasis needs to be put on the fact that no generalize Muhurta for specific Pujan like Diwali can exist.

Unlike the customary ritual of saying certain timings are best for a particular Puja, please note that Muhurta is chosen specifically for the occasion and not for routine work. Which is why festivals, specific pujas or rituals fall in particular month, tithi, nakshatra – they are not performed everyday as a routine.

For an individual, success of an event depends on the time of commencement of that event in relation to that person. If that chosen Muharat is not auspicious, the purpose of that event will not materialize. It is also true that in most cases, one cannot find a flawless Muhurta. So the approach is to select one with the least number of flaws. Convenience, practice, and practicality cannot substitute for Muhurta. Deepawali is a specific occasion where you install Lord Ganesh and Maa Lakshmi idols and worship Kuber for one year.

Now coming to this year, Deepawali Pujan muhurta – Pradosh (प्रदोश) kaal and Nisha (निशा) kaal are considered to be the best for Deepawali Pujan. Pradosh kaal usually coincides with Taurus Ascendant – a fixed sign and Nisha kaal coincides with Leo ascendant also a fixed sign. For स्थिर लक्ष्मी fixed sign are said to be auspicious if it is not afflicted and falls in one’s 8th house.

This year, Taurus Lagna is not at all good as it is afflicted by Rahu/ Ketu and the Rashi lord will be placed in 8th house. So, it will not be a good proposition to select Taurus for Lakshmi puja this year. Leo ascendant is good for Pujan as it is not afflicted and natural benefic Venus is placed in trine. But Pisces and Capricorn Ascendant people cannot select this as it falls in 6th and 8th house. Other fixed sign Scorpio and Aquarius are not also good due to lack of Lagna shuddhi. Scorpio fares slightly better.

Instead of choosing fixed sign, a much more pragmatic approach would be to choose an ascendant with the least doshas or flaws. Do remember that lighting diyas and Lakshmi Pujan are two separate events and can be chosen accordingly.

Below are the Lagna analysis for performing Lakshmi Pujan this Diwali, as of Delhi, India. Please adjust for your own geographic location accordingly.

Lagna of DayLakshmi Pujan AuspiciousnessIndividual’s Lagna Suitability
Virgo ( 3/4 Nov) 3:00am to 05.16 amCannot be selected as Lagna do not arise at Sun rise time. 
Libra 05.16 to 07.36 amChar – in a very special case it can be chosen. Not very good. 
Scorpio 07.36 to 09.55 AmFixed but not preferable due to Rahu/Ketu axis and Mars combustion. 
Sagittarius 09.55 to 11.59 AmDual – but good. In fixed Navansha Pujan is good.This is not good for Scorpio and Taurus Ascendant people.
Capricorn 12.00 to 13.42 hoursMovable – but can be taken with fixed NavanshaNot good for Gemini, Leo, and Aquarius
Aquarius 13.42 to 15.09 hoursNot good as both income house lord in 12th. 
Pisces 15.09 to 16.35 hoursNot good as 8th house is crowded. 
Aries 16.35 to 18. 10 hoursChar- not good but Fixed Navansha can be taken. Relatively goodThis is not good for Virgo and Taurus ascendant
Taurus 18.10 to 20.06 hoursNot good – Venus in 8th and Rahu in LagnaOne should avoid dosh – though it falls in Pradosh Kaal. Particularly bad for Tula, Taurus, and Gemini
Gemini 20.06 to 22.21 hoursNot very good – 8th house is occupied by Saturn and Jupiter.  Particularly bad for Scorpio.
Cancer 22.21 to 24.02 hoursChar- not good but Fixed Navansha can be taken. Relatively goodParticularly bad for Sagittarius and Aquarius
Leo 24.02 to 26.59
(4/5 Nov) hours
Fixed good. One can select this till Amavasya ends at 26.43 hoursParticularly bad for Capricorn and Pisces.

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