Oath-taking chart of Maharashtra Government – An Astrological Analysis

It will be interesting to see the oath-taking chart of Maharastra Government. Today Mr. Uddhav Thackrey has taken oath as the next Chief Minister at 18.43 hours in Mumbai.

The astrological charts are:

Oath Taking Chart – Maharashtra State Government

Panchang Factors:

Panchang Factors for Oath Taking Chart

The day is Thursday –this is good.

Tithi –Shukla Tritiya- Jaya tithi ruled by Mars -a cruel planet.

Nakashtra -Mool – a Gandant Nakashta if the moon is afflicted and weak it creates Balarishta.

Yoga – Shool – Which is not good the result ascribed in-text – pain, anger, and conflict

Karan – Taitlya – which is auspicious

Hora – Moon – which is also good

Lagna rising at that time is Taurus a fixed sign- fixed signs are considered good for stability and the Navamsha rising is Leo also a fixed sign but its lord Sun is debilitated in Navamsha and in a movable sign. This is not good.

So panchang factors barring nakshatra and yoga are average. Let’s now analyze planetary disposition at that time. There are severe afflictions in the chart –

  1. 5 planet in 8th house
  2. Moon in Gandant Nakashtra in Rahu- Ketu axis with Saturn
  3. Kendra and trikona is not occupied by any benefic planet
  4. 6th, 7th, and 8th house is occupied by malefic
  5. Lagna lord is with 8th lord in 8th house in affliction
  6. 10th lord which indicates king or head is placed in 8th house
  7. 4th house lord which signifies opposition is strong and placed in Kendra

Thus we see that Lagna, Lagna lord, Moon, and Rashi lord are all weak and afflicted. All these factors do not auger well for coming Government in Maharastra -internal conflict, opposition, scandal, removal and loss of position is indicated. Upcoming Solar eclipse of 26th December will also add the affliction.

Due to a fixed sign rising, and exalted Moon in Navamsha the initial posturing and action will be brave and bold. But affliction is too serious and grave that it lacks permanency.

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