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Retrogression of Superior Planets

Story Highlights
  • The three superior planets viz. Jupiter Saturn and Mars will share a period of retrogression leading to significant turn of events
  • All the three retrograde planets will also become stationary for some period simultaneously leading to unrest
  • Unrest at global level, war-like scenarios or increased aggression between countries, disputes/clashes or communal tension, financial and labour issues are likely
  • Possibility of some natural calamities such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, fires is possible

Retrogration is a significant astrological phenomenon. But when more than one planet becomes retrograde it becomes more significant. At present Jupiter and Saturn is in retrograde motion since May 2020. Mars is also going to be retrograde from 11th September 2020. So all superior planets Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars will be in retrogration simultaneously though only for 2-3 days but it is very significant.

  • Saturn period of retrogration is for 140 to 142 days – Saturn will become direct on 29th September
  • Jupiter period of retrogration is for 120 to 122 days – Jupiter will become direct on 13 September
  • Mars period of retrogration is for 80- 82 days. Mars will become retrograde from 11th September

Before retrograding or before becoming direct planets are in a stagnant state. The state of stagnation is also very significant. In September, Jupiter and Saturn will become direct and Mars will become retrograde. So for 2 to 3 days, all superior planets will be retrograde and for almost 10 days all superior plants will be in stagnation. This is very significant from the mundane point of view – it will definitely give genesis to some very significant events of the future. As per classical astrology, retrograde malefic gives bad results and retrogression of any planet in its own sign is worse. Transit of malefic planets through cardinal sign is also said to be bad for mundane affairs. At present, Saturn and Mars are passing through Capricorn and Aries – two cardinal signs. So coming months is going to be tough for political, economical and social level for the world in general. Since Mars is retrograding and it will move to the previous sign also. Jupiter and Saturn will be in stagnation state – some major events are likely to happen at the global level. Astrologically it seems that- signification of Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn will suffer

  1. Significance of Mars -war or war-like situation, border disputes and violent protests, accidents, and rise in aggression are possible. Some natural calamity – earthquake, volcano eruption or cases of fire eruption are also possible.
  2. The signification of Saturn – labor problem, increase in unemployment, bad for mining, infrastructure, and manufacturing sector.
  3. Significance of Jupiter – finance, bank, the capital market will have a negative impact. Ethenic or religious clashes are also possible.

Please note that planetary transit gives genesis to the event to occur in future- actual events happen when luminaries form a particular angle.

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