Saturn All the Way | Global Unrest

The coming month will see quite a lot of interesting planetary configurations as most of the planets will transit through Saturnian signs.

PlanetTransiting SignTransit Period
SunAquarius13th Feb – 15th March
MarsCapricorn19th Feb – 7th April
MercuryCapricorn29th Dec – 6th March
JupiterAquariustill April 13th
VenusCapricorn27th Feb – 31st March
RahuCapricorn Navamsha14th February – 16th March
Planetary Movements

This type of planetary configuration is occurring after a very long period where all the planets are under the influence of Saturn. The most interesting and significant transit will be that of Saturn & Mars through Capricorn and these 2 malefics will almost influence all other planets.

Here it is important to note that, till April 2nd, the planetary king & Minister of the new year is Mars. And for the upcoming new year, the king will be Saturn. Dominance of 2 malefics, certainly, indicates some serious issues, both at national and international levels. Since Jupiter is transiting with the Sun, his capacity to protect would be very limited till 15th March. Even after the 15th March, Jupiter will transit through Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra, ruled by Saturn. So, Jupiter is not going to be free from Saturnian influence.
Apart from this, the months of March and April will see major transit of Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu. This type of planetary transit in a very short span is the most striking and also disturbing. It shows some major turbulence in national and international politics. Global economic condition and capital markets will also observe some erratic movement.
On the weather front, there is a possibility of volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tornadoes and tsunami. Saturn-Mars conjunction can also create mining accidents and trouble to police and military personnels.

It is important to note that maximum planets will transit through earthy sign which will definitely impact the economic position and established order. Saturn-Mars conjunction is followed by Rahu-Ketu transit through cardinal signs (Aries\Libra) without any protection of Jupiter; this will increase aggression in general among nations and has the possibility to create war-like situations. As Saturn depicts scarcity and helplessness, countries or third parties will not be able to do much other than intervene with economic sanctions which in turn will lead to further economic turmoil.

Many countries will see or pass through internal\external disturbances. India is not any exception to this as major planetary transit is happening through the 7th house from the Moon sign. There is a high possibility of labor unrest and frustration towards the government or authority.

On an individual front, Saturn’s dominance means delay and frustration, in general. People will feel more stress and a gloomy environment at the workplace. Patience, discipline and hard work are must to overcome this situation.

On the positive side, all the planets are transiting through the 10th and 11th sign of the natural zodiac and through the earthy sign. It has the potential to give a great boost to the economy in the coming future. But, this boost will come after a major jolt.

On an individual level, people born in or influenced by Capricorn & Cancer signs will see major changes in their life.

For Gemini people, extra precaution is required, particularly on the health and relationship front. They should guard themselves or do proper worship during this period.

For Pisces and Leo it is a period of gains. They will find many opportunities in the coming month but they must refrain themselves from litigation, altercation or loan.

For Aquarius and Scorpio, the coming planetary configuration is not that good; expenses will be on the higher side and they must refrain themselves from any long journey.

For Aries & Libra born people, this period is of change; either of residence or workplace. They must put in extra effort to maintain a good relationship with their boss and subordinates for better results.

For Taurus people, planetary alignment is good. They will find many good opportunities in the workplace and there is a possibility of long travel. 

For Sagittarius, the planetary configuration is not bad but they must guard themselves on health matters as Jupiter will be combust. There will be hyper activity on the family front. 

Since Saturn dominates all the planets, the coming month will see delay, frustration, hindrance, relationship issues, problems through subordinates\servants\maids in general to all the people.

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