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Solar Eclipse – 14th December 2020

Solar Eclipse 2020 in the occult sign of Scorpio.

A Total Solar eclipse is going to happen on the 14th of December in Scorpio. The total duration of the eclipse is from 7:03PM IST to 12:23 AM IST of 15th December. As it is not visible in India, it will not hold any religious significance only the astrological ones.

It is significant in many aspects and will be a major event to watch out for. Firstly, it is happening in the sign of Scorpio which is the natural 8th house. As such, sudden turn of events in the life of almost everyone should be expected. Especially for the people belonging to Scorpio, Aries, Taurus, Cancer and Leo signs (Ascendant or Moon sign) it would be a significant in many respects.

What is Special about this Eclipse?

The current Solar Eclipse happens to be in the sign of Scorpio which is the hidden sign of all scandals, mystery, chaos, secrets and suddenness. As such, the major impact of the eclipse will be as below:

  1. Scandals and secrets will inadvertently come out into the open on a global level in general. On a personal level, it would be especially true for the five signs primarily impacted by the eclipse mentioned above.
  2. Sudden turn of events are indicated for the world and for individuals as well. Such chain of events will get triggered that shatter your plans, strategies and take you up on a different and new path altogether.
  3. For people governed by multiple of the impacted signs or those with a lot of planets in the signs, chaos and significant changes is indicated in life.

The Kaal – Sarpa yoga that is being created ensures that the benefic influence or protective influence of all planets is significantly reduced. As such, protective forces at global level or at the individual level may not be able to provide enough saving grace.

However, there are three planets which are out of the Eclipse sign and not in any major affliction. These are Jupiter, Saturn and Mars. As a result, it would be Dharma (Righteousness), Karma (Actions) and Parakrama (Courage) which become the saving grace for people. It would be these three planets and ideals that can give refuge from the impact of eclipse.

Other that this, significant fluctuations are indicated in the share market and there is possibility of significant unrest at the country/world level due to dissent, scandals and chaos.

Sign Wise Impact

The Sign wise impact depending on your Ascendant Sign and Moon Sign are as below:

Aries: Health related problems, possibility of accidents and some indications of money loss exists. Especially in matters of speculative investment people should be careful. In general, be careful while driving and in other similar scenarios.

Taurus: Significant disturbances in married life is indicated and in business as well. There would be difficulties with respect to family happiness and regarding the health of spouse. Avoid any new ventures or partnerships with respect to career.

Gemini: For Gemini the eclipse is relatively better. There would be growth with respect to finance and new ventures will be possible. At the same time, there can be hurdles related to ongoing litigation or ongoing career related obstacles. Do not escalate old disputes.

Cancer: The three areas to watch out for are children, speculative investment and relationships. Avoid large investments into the market or being involved in speculative investment of large amounts. Some issues with respect to children are indicated and attention should be paid to them. With respect to relationships turmoil or breaks are possible so all decisions should be taken carefully.

Leo: For Leo, the problem regarding the eclipse will be with respect to Mother, Property matters and education. It is better to not initiate any actions with respect to sale/purchase of property and hold on to initiating any educational ventures for a few weeks.

Virgo: For Virgo, the eclipse overall is good. There is going to be some negatives with respect to travel plans and younger brother’s health. Other than that, the results of the eclipse will be favorable and will bring about good growth in professional matters and also relationships.

Libra: Money matters, family relationships, health of the spouse, trade/business and ancestral property matters would see delays and obstacles. It is better to avoid December for any major work in any area of life. All new ventures or decisions regarding old issues should be delayed for a few weeks and be taken up after December end.

Scorpio: Health related issues are indicated for people of Scorpio ascendant. Change of place is highly likely for people against their wishes if at all there is a prospect/possibility. The period can also bring about some defamation or put you in a bad light if there are difficult situations ongoing in life.

Sagittarius: Expenses will increase for people of Sagittarius Ascendant. There would be some difficulties due to outsiders/foreigners and obstacles if there are any plans for foreign travel. Be careful in all your dealings with outsiders.

Capricorn: For money and finances, it is extremely good and significant gains are indicated. The eclipse is bad for elder siblings and for the health of mother. With respect to career and finance there will be good growth and luck will favor in all financial dealings.

Aquarius: Changes to career, hostile environment at work, difficult relationship with seniors and a change of manager/supervisor are indicated. You may be forced to work in projects/areas against your desire and in get involved in activities/work you’re not inclined towards.

Pisces: The period is difficult for father’s health and relationship with father. Other than that, there can be difficulties with respect to plans of travel, pilgrimage and long journey. Any travel related plans are likely to get dropped or not be fruitful. Some detachment or distancing from religious activities and rituals are also indicated and you may feel less drawn spiritually for the next few weeks.

Overall, the impact of the Eclipse will be significant until 15th of January. Till the time, it is recommended to take decisions as per the pointers above to avoid obstacles.

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  1. Thanks for this analysis. However in the beginning you have mentioned that this analysis is valid for both Ascendant and moon signs, although if I see your sign wise analysis it is a little contradictory when you take moon signs and ascendant (example- Taurus moon sign and Virgo ascendant

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