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Solar Eclipse – 26th December 2019

A Solar Eclipse or Surya Grahan Is a regular phenomenon that happens every 6 months when Sun transits over Rahu or Ketu. But the eclipse of 26th December 2019 is rare as it occurs when Moon’s apparent diameter is smaller than the Sun’s thus blocking most of the Sun’s light and making it appear like an annulus (ring). This is why, it is being termed as a ring of fire.

In India, the Solar Eclipse is going to occur from 08.04 AM to 11.03 AM on 26th December 2019. Globally, the eclipse will be visible in the eastern parts of Europe, much of Asia, North/West Australia, Eastern Africa, Pacific and the Indian Oceans. In India, the annular eclipse will be visible in parts of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka. Other parts will witness only a partial eclipse.

The Eclipse is an astronomical phenomenon, but its effect has been analyzed in great detail in astrological literature both on mundane as well as the individual level. In Brihat Samhita the author Varah Mihir gives an exhaustive explanation of eclipses and their effects.

The solar eclipse of 26th December falls on a Thursday, in the Sun’s southerly course, in the month of Pausha. It happens in Sagittarius sign and in Mula Nakshatra in the first Parva. All these factors are important for analyzing the effect of Eclipse as per our ancient rishis.

The eclipses falls in the lunar month of Pausa, The result ascribed to this is that the Brahmins (learned class) and the Kṣatriyas ( warriors or people involved in polish or military service) will suffer; the people of Sindh, the Kukuras( yadav’s-this may mean milk trade also in today’s perspective) and the Videhas will perish; there will be slight rain and fear of famine in the land.

The present eclipse occurs in Sun’s Dakshinayana (southward march) course. The Vaiśyas( business community) and the Śūdras ( service class) will suffer.

The eclipse happens in the sign of Sagittarius – as per Varah Mihir the ministers, fine horses, the Videhas, the Mallānas, the Pāñcālas, physicians, merchants and people skilled in the use of destructive weapons will perish.

The eclipse starts in the first Parva ( day duration/7). It is not good for people involved in business related to fire or dependent on fire( goldsmith, furnace, electric-based, etc). Learned people and people living in hostels will have to face a tough time.

The eclipse falls in Mula Nakshatra ruled by Ketu symbol of religion -religious activity, religious place, teachers and higher education will be badly hit. Rice trading will be beneficial.

This Solar Eclipse is an annular eclipse named ring of fire -for such type of eclipses it is stated that If the middle of the eclipsed disc should be dark while the disc continues bright all-round, the eclipse is known as Madhyatama (centrally dark) type of annular eclipse: the Central Provinces will be afflicted with miseries, mankind will suffer from stomach pain and there will be fear in the land.

The phenomenon of the eclipse is interpreted in the usual astrological way. The eclipse occurs in Sagittarius sign and in Mula nakshatra. Apart from Sun, Moon and Ketu Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury are also involved as they are also transiting through Sagittarius. six planetary association are also a rare phenomenon. The most significant and disturbing point is the Sign, sign lord Jupiter and Nakashtra lord Ketu are all involved in the eclipse. There is no saving or benefic influence on any of them.

It is stated that if Mercury is involved in an eclipse, men living between the Ganges and the Yamunā, on the banks of the Sarayu and in the country of Nepal, those living about the east sea and on the banks of the Sona will suffer and women, princes, soldier boys and men of letters will perish.

Jupiter is also eclipsed on this day, the result ascribed for this is learned men, kings, ministers, elephants, and horses will perish and people living on the banks of the Indus and in the northern countries will suffer calamities. Gold prices will rise.

Saturn is also eclipsed hence the service class people will suffer- there might be some labor unrest, trouble in mining, steel and leather sector.

Only Mars and Venus are outside the eclipse influence. As per classics any influence of malefic planets either through transit or association is not good. The eclipse falls in Natural zodiac’s 9th house as the Rahu- Ketu axis falls in 3/9 house of natural Zodiac. So the most affected matters will be related to 3rd and 9th house significance. 9th house significance includes law, judgment, religious matters, education, immigration, foreign matters and justice of a country while the 3rd house signifies communication, electronic and print media, relation with the neighbor, scientific community and people related to art and cultural field. Since maximum planets are involved -you may witness some natural calamity, transport accidents, the demise of leading personality related to politics, culture and art field and religion, ethnic or religious clashes, and overall weather vagaries. 6 planets involvement definitely indicates anguish and pain for those countries where the eclipse falls in 1/7 axis and in 8th house.

For India, this eclipse is not at all good as it commences in the first house in eclipse time and in the 8th house in India’s independence chart. Eclipse starts in Delhi in eclipsed Sagittarius Sign -the first house. Sign Sagittarius is the 8th sign of India’s independence chart with the lagna Taurus. Every eclipse is an affliction of luminaries Sun and Moon- so its first negative impact is on authority and emotion – this effect will be there in the present case but its impact will be greater as Sun is passing through Ketu’s constellation Mula and is associated with Saturn.

Therefore, the authority of State head, institution head or people in top position will come into the scanner. Dispute, provocation or even clashes cannot be ruled out among neighbors or states. 6 planets’ involvement in eclipse indicates major policy changes which will be felt in the coming year. Both Mercury -the 2nd lord of Independence chart and 11th lord and Karaka Jupiter is eclipsed so financial health of the economy will not be good- financial institutions will suffer. Lagna degree is 21 degrees in Delhi and the eclipse point falls behind -so the effects will be felt after some time and not immediately. Please note that eclipse is an astronomical phenomenon it will affect the whole world ruled by Gemini and Sagittarius –east- north and south-west area.

Individual Effects:

Now coming to the individual effects –it is a cardinal principle of astrology that the sign where the eclipse falls and the sign from where the eclipse sign is eighth –the effect of the eclipse is bad. Thus for Sagittarius and Taurus, the effect of Eclipse is bad. Further, if eclipse nakshatra is 3rd, 5th and,7th from one’s birth nakshatra it gives a bad result. Thus for Pushya, Anuradha and Purva bhadrapad eclipse falls in 3rd tara/nakshatra, for Adra, Swati and Satbhisha it falls in 5th tara/nakshatra and for Rohini, Hasta and Sharvan it falls in 7th Tara/nakshatra- so for these nakshatra born people effect of this eclipse is not good. Apart from this nakshatra, it is said that if the eclipse occurs in the 19th constellation from that in which the moon was in one’s horoscope the person will be afflicted with miseries. This applies to Aswani born people.

This eclipse occurs in the Sagittarius sign if in an individual chart Sun is placed in Sagittarius then the father’s side will suffer; if Sagittarius is Moon sign mother’s side will suffer.

Similarly, that person will also suffer in whose Lagna or Nakshatra the Sun or Moon is eclipsed.

For other signs, the effect is analyzed through the house and house lord position in relation to the natal chart. It is also stated that if an eclipse falls in 3rd. 6th, 10th and 11th houses from the natal sign or lagna its effect is not bad. So for Cancer, Libra, Aquarius, and Pisces are not that bad.

Below is the general effect for the eclipses for all signs:

Aries – One should avoid unwanted journeys and be cautious in dealing with neighbors and associates. There may be a hindrance to higher education and father’s health will suffer. Since Mars is outside the eclipse point effect on Aries born people will not be that bad except for Aswani born people. Taurus Eclipse is bad -be careful about health. People should not indulge in speculation and be particular about their food. Any new venture is not advisable at present. Venus is not eclipsed so Taurus born people are somewhat protected.

Gemini people should face identity issues -health and position may suffer-be extra cautious in the family matters. Business activity and spouse health will suffer

Cancer people should not lend money and be careful about loans and enemies. Long travel is also not desirable for them.

Leo Leo born people should be careful in relation to children and romance. Refrain from any speculation. Be careful about children’s and children’s relations. Bad news from a friend is most likely.

Virgo people of this sign/Lagna will face a tough situation in the family and workplace -change of work or workplace may happen. Subordinates will change or one might face opposition through them. Land and construction-related work are not advisable for the present. The vehicle might be a cause of concern.

Libra – For Libra born people result is relatively good, but they should be careful in dealing with parents or elder people -health issue to parent, the obstacle in journey and increase in expenses will be felt. Be extra cautious in dealing with brother/sister and neighbors. For Swati nakshatra, the result is not that good.

Scorpio people of this sign should take the extra precaution in financial matters. Relatives will be a cause of worry. Wife health will deteriorate. Accident injury and fall from position may happen. Due to Mars non-involvement in eclipse results is not bad. Anuradha Nakshatra born people should take extra precautions.

Sagittarius born person should take extra precaution in dealing with spouse and partner –they may develop an adverse situation in these fields. Fall from the position, change of place and setback in financial matters possible.

Capricorn born people should avoid taking the loan and postpone their legal issues for some time. Expenses will increase. There may be a setback on a long journey or foreign matters.

Aquarius for people of this sign, the eclipse is good -financial condition will improve. But should not indulge in speculation, be careful about relationships with children and girlfriend. Some bad news from the friend side may come.

Pisces Pisces born people will face a hostile environment in the family, relation with mother will suffer, avoid taking movable and immovable property. Be extra cautious in the workplace. Relation with seniors will deteriorate or change of employer possible.

All in all, it is time where people should be careful and cautious. Preferably avoid any major decisions if the period is bad for you, do not initiate new work if you can delay until 15th January. As sun moves out of the sign on the 15th January, it would be better to carry on with your major work from then on.

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