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Sun in Sagittarius

Sun is entering Sagittarius sign on 16th December 2021 at 3:55 AM hrs and will remain there till 14th January 2022. Sun represents father, authority, fame, reputation, success, and heart. Apart from this, for an individual Sun will give the result of the house it occupies in one’s natal chart.

Sun’s transit is always important as it sets the timeline for the events destined and triggered by Jupiter & Saturn transit. Present Sagittarius transit is of significance because the Sun will leave Rahu-Ketu axis and transit Sagittarius to find himself in a rather comfortable position. But In Sagittarius Sun will be hemmed between Mars, Ketu and Saturn.

So, Sun will be transiting through a friendly sign but due to Paap-Kartari yoga, it will not be in a position to give the respite as expected. On a positive note, Sun’s dispositor, Jupiter, is transiting through Aquarius sign and is affliction free; it will reduce the malefic impact of Sun’s transit. One more important point to note is that the Sun will be transiting through Moola Nakshatra, ruled by Ketu and Sun will be exalted in D9 chart for the first 4 days. So, the Atmakarak gets a chance to re-energize itself on a spiritual plane. It is a time to rejuvenate ourselves. In general, the Sun’s transit through Sagittarius will be of mixed effects. Aries and Scorpio born people will get much relief.

Sun’s transit through Sagittarius, a Jupitarian sign, is termed as Khar Maas (bad month). In this month, our scriptures prohibit all ritualistic deeds (16 sanskar).

Astronomical events timeline

16th Dec 2021Sun enters Sagittarius sign, Moola Nakshatra
29th Dec 2021Sun enters Purvashadha Nakshatra
11th Jan 2022Sun enters Uttarashadha Nakshatra
14th Jan 2022Sun exists from Sagittarius

Global Impact

Sagittarius sign represents religion, morality, law, judiciary, long travel and guardians. It is a sign to force order in the society, in general. Since Sagittarius sign is in Paap-Kartari yoga and fiery Sun is transiting through it; often you will find a break in law and order and authority figures might act in reckless manner.  Institution heads, Government authority, head of states will continue to feel pressure and may find themselves in the midst of controversy and criticism which started during Sun’s Scorpio transit; but this time, with reduced magnitude. As the Sun is transiting through an Eastern sign, more impact will be felt in Eastern areas of the globe and eastern parts of the country and states.

Individual Transit Impact – Methodology & Result

On an individual level, the effect of transit of any planet is analysed with reference to one’s Lagna/ Moon sign, birth nakshatra, and other planets cumulative influence. 

Generally Sun gives good results while transiting through 3rd, 6th, 10th and 11th houses from Lagna/Moon sign. In other places, the Sun is not supposed to give good results. But these results are further modified by other planets’ transits position (Vedh/Vipreet Vedh), Moon’s sign placement at the time of Sun transit (Moorthy Nirnay), and Sun’s transit through nakshatra with reference to one’s Janma nakshatra (Tara Chakra). After all these modifications the final transit effect is known.

At the time of Sun’s entry to Sagittarius sign, Moon will be present in Bharani nakshatra, Aries sign. Moon’s placement helps us with Moorthy Nirnaya for various signs. Below table provides Moorty and Tara information for 12 signs:

SignTransiting houseVedha/ Vipreet VedhaMurty Nirnaya for Sun in ScorpioTara
Aries9th houseNo VedhaGoldAshwini – Janma
Bharni – Ati-Mitra
Krittika – Mitra
Taurus8th houseNo VedhaIronKrittika – Mitra
Rohini – Vadh
Mrigashira – Sadhak
Gemini7th houseNo VedhaGoldMrigashira – Sadhak
Ardra – Pratyari
Punarvasu – Kshema
Cancer6th houseNo VedhaCopperPunarvasu – Kshema
Pushya – Vipat
Ashlesha – Sampat
Leo5th houseNo VedhaSilverMagha – Janma
Purva Falguni – Ati-Mitra
Uttara Falguni – Mitra
Virgo4th houseNo VedhaIronUttara Falguni – Mitra
Hasta – Vadh
Chitra – Sadhak
Libra3rd houseNo VedhaCopperChitra – Sadhak
Swati – Pratyari
Vishakha – Kshema
Scorpio2nd houseNo VedhaGoldVishakha – Kshema
Anuradha – Vipat
Jyeshtha – Sampat
Sagittarius1st houseNo VedhaSilverMoola – Janma
Purvashadha – Ati-Mitra
Uttarashadha – Mitra
Capricorn12th houseNo VedhaIronUttarashadha – Mitra
Shravan – Vadh
Dhanishtha – Sadhak
Aquarius11th houseNo VedhaCopperDhanishtha – Sadhak
Shatbhisha – Pratyari
Purva Bhadrapada – Kshema
Pisces10th houseNo VedhaSilverPurva Bhadrapada – Kshema
Uttara Bhadrapada – Vipat
Revati – Sampat

Aries: This is overall a good transit for Aries natives and even better for people born in Bharni Nakshatra. One should avoid long journeys and should not lend money during this transit. Try to devote more time on the spiritual level. There may be gains through father.

Taurus: Taurus people will observe results more on the negative side. One should be cautious about health and family environment during this transit. People born in Rohini nakshatra will face more negative results.

Gemini: Gemini people will observe some negative results particularly on relationships and domestic life. People born in Ardra Nakshatra will observe more negative results. Overall, this transit will be good on the financial front.

Cancer: Sun is transiting through the 6th house for Cancer sign and it is considered a positive transit for Sun. Cancer people will observe overall good results. One should be cautious about matters related to investment & property. People born in Pushya Nakshatra will observe some obstacles and negative results.

Leo: For Leo sign this transit is overall good and there will be very good results for people born in Purva Phalguni Nakshatra. But one should be cautious about children, romance and career related matters.

Virgo: This transit is more on the negative side for Virgo sign people, specially for the people born in Hasta Nakshatra. These people should be careful about property matters and domestic life related matters. Though people born in Purva Falguni nakshatra will observe better results. Mother’s health may deteriorate.

Libra: Libra natives will observe mixed results during this transit. They should take extra precaution during travel. Overall this transit is good for financial and family matters. People born in Swati nakshatra should take extra precautions.

Scorpio: It is neutral transit for people with Scorpio sign. Sun’s transit in the 2nd house usually gives some tension in the family and daily routine may get disturbed. There might be some obstacles for people born in Anuradha Nakshatra. One should also be careful in matters related to family, wife and business partners.

Sagittarius: For Sagittarius sign people the results would be overall average. The classical text refers to this transit to give ‘Santap‘ and ‘fever’. People should be careful about their health and career. People will generally feel tense during this time as a fiery planet is transiting their natal sign. Purvashadha born people will observe slightly better results.

Capricorn: For Capricorn people this transit is more on the negative side. There might be possibilities of additional expenses and some issues with father’s health. Shravana nakshatra born people should take extra care. People engaged in export/import should be more careful in their business.

Aquarius: Aquarius natives would observe financially positive results during this transit. There is a possibility of getting pending issues resolved. This is a good period for investment. One should be cautious about children related matters. People born in Satabhisha nakshatra should take extra precautions and should not indulge in stock trading.

Pisces: It’s an overall good transit for Pisces natives. But comparatively less good for people born in Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra. There might be some career related issues and one should take extra precautions in office and with subordinates. Workload will increase. Father’s health may also suffer.

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