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Sun in Scorpio – Part I (Nov-Dec 2021)

Sun is entering Scorpio sign on 16th November 2021 at 13:03 Hrs and will remain there till 16th December 2021 3:44 Hrs. Sun represents father, authority, fame, reputation, success and heart. Apart from this for an individual Sun will give the result of the house it occupies in his chart. Sun transit is very important as it sets the timeline for the event destined and triggered by Jupiter Saturn transit. Present Scorpio transit is of great significance because the Sun will transit through Rahu-Ketu axis which will result in coming Solar and lunar eclipses. Sun is the king of the planetary kingdom and its affliction and eclipse naturally give/ create some unpleasant situations on a mundane as well as individual level.

Astronomical events timeline

16 Nov 2021, 13:03 HrsSun enters Scorpio sign
19 Nov 2021, 20:55 HrsSun enters Anuradha Nakshatra
3 Dec 2021, 00:45 HrsSun enters Jyeshtha Nakshatra
16 Dec 2021, 3:44 HrsSun exists from Scorpio

Global Impact

Scorpio is a sign of mysteries, suddenness, spies, occult, and hidden things/events. On a mundane plane the 8th sign of the zodiac signifies disease, miseries, death, accidents, hidden enemy, terror attack and overall sudden events. Scorpio also denotes capital market, stock trading, speculation and narcotics activity. People should exercise extra caution while dealing in the stock market as the stock market may see some unusual ups and downs. Due to the eclipse and Sun’s involvement in Rahu- Ketu axis – these areas will be in the news for bad reasons. Institution heads, Government authority, head of states will feel more pressure and may find themselves in mid of controversy and criticism.

Individual Transit Impact – Methodology

On an individual level, the effect of transit of any planet is analyzed with reference to one’s Lagna/ Moon sign, birth nakshatra, and other planets cumulative influence.

Generally, Sun gives good results while transiting through 3rd, 6th, 10th and 11th houses from Lagna/Moon sign. In other places, the Sun is not supposed to give good results. But these results are further modified by other planets’ transits position (Vedha / Vipreet Vedha), Moon’s sign placement at the time of Sun transit (Moorti Nirnaya), and Sun’s transit through nakshatra with reference to one’s Janma nakshatra (Tara Chakra). After all these modifications the final transit effect is known.

At the time of Sun’s entry into Scorpio sign, Moon will be present in Revati nakshatra, Pisces sign. Moon’s placement helps us with Moorti Nirnaya for various signs.

Now, based on these above mentioned parameters we can evaluate how a particular transit would fructify for a specific sign. Different parameters may indicate different flavors of the result and only when we combine all of these parameters, we can interpret the overall results. The table below throws light on each of these parameters for a particular sign.

Green color: Good results,
Red color: Bad results,
Yellow or no color: Average results

Individual Transit Impact – Results Interpretation

Now, based on the pointers calculated in the table above we can interpret following results for different signs. These results should be considered from ascendant or moon sign.

Aries: These people will observe results more on the negative side. One should be cautious about health and son’s position during this transit. Though the results would be slightly better for people born in Bharni nakshatra.

Taurus: Taurus people will observe some negative results particularly on relationships and domestic life front. Though people born in Rohini nakshatra would observe better results.

Gemini: Sun is transiting through 6th house for Gemini sign and it is considered a positive transit for Sun. Gemini people will observe overall good results. One should be cautious about matters related to investment, friendship and brother. People born in Mrigashira Nakshatra will observe some obstacles and negative results.

Cancer: For Cancer sign this transit is overall good and there will be very good results for people born in Pushya Nakshatra. But one should be cautious about children and career related matters.

Leo: This transit is more on the negative side for Leo sign. These people should be careful about health, prestige and domestic life related matters. Though people born in Purva-Falguni nakshatra will observe better results.

Virgo: These natives will observe negative results during this transit. They should take extra precaution as there are minor injury possibilities during thsi transit. The result would be comparatively better for people born in Hasta nakshatra.

Libra: It is overall a good transit for people with Libra sign. There might be some obstacles for people born in Chitra Nakshatra. One should also be careful in matters related to family, wife and business partners.

Scorpio: For Scorpio sign the results would be overall average. But this transit comes with some sudden negative results as it is falling on Rahu-Ketu axis and a solar eclipse is also occuring during later part of the transit. People should be careful about their health and career. They might see some deterioration in workplace environment.

Sagittarius: For Sagittarius people this transit is more on the negative side. It would be slightly better for people born in Purvashadha nakshatra. There might be possibilities of additional expenses and some issue with father’s health.

Capricorn: These natives would observe financially positive results during this transit, though there might be some obstacles as well. Results will be even better for people born in Shravan Nakshatra. One should be cautious about self health and children related matters.

Aquarius: It’s an overall good transit for Aquarius natives. But comparatively less good for people born in Dhanistha Nakshatra. There might be some career related issues and one should take extra precautions in office and with subordinates. Wife’s health may also suffer.

Pisces: This is overall a good transit for Pisces natives and even better for people born in Uttarabhadrapad Nakshatra. One should avoid long journey and should not lend money during this transit. There may also be some health issues to the father.

Special Remark

Sun is transiting through Rahu-Ketu axis; so, the signs/houses where Sun is transiting are afflicted. Due to this affliction on Sun, each sign will observe some negative results in some part of the life; specially related to the house where Scorpio sign is falling in your natal chart e.g. if Scorpio is falling in 5th house in your natal chart, it would affect your children and romantic life. If it is falling in your 7th house then it would affect your business partnership or relationships with your spouse. Since Sun represents authority and boss, one should take extra precautions while dealing with authority figures or senior persons either in office or at home.

Note: One should always keep in mind that the interpretation done by such transit techniques would always have the flavor of generic results and observed results get modified based on operating dasha, age and other planetary influences. To arrive at a more concrete result one should always superimpose these results on already observed results and view the results with a comparative angle.

Post on upcoming Lunar and Solar eclipses will be published shortly.

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