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The world is heading towards a Major Crisis! Upcoming Transits

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  • Political and financial tensions can be seen persistently across the world with the world heading towards a recession in the next year.
  • Grave man-made and natural humanitarian crisis will be witnessed in the coming days until October 2023.
  • Major global crisis on economic and political front is indicated and there would be all possibilities of further escalation of aggression. The combinations as of now reflect the ones that had been there during World War II.
  • Many states will face major political and economic instability. Possibility of government and state head changes will also be there. Economic crisis at many places can be of catastrophic levels
  • suffering of the masses, reduction in luxuries, crisis at the level of fundamental human rights and denial of basic amenities will be seen for a major population of the world.
  • Major regime changes will be seen world over with power getting redistributed. Countries and individuals today at the center of power will get disrupted as newer leaders emerge on the world stage.

At present everywhere in the world you will find some sort of tension to state heads and public at large. We are witnessing an unprecedented global crisis on political, economic, and social level. We have already witnessed the following events in the recent past:

  • The downfall of Afghanistan Government
  • Establishment of militant Taliban government in Afghanistan
  • Sri Lanka in deep economic crisis leading to forced ouster of Government
  • Prolonged Russia- Ukraine war with potential nuclear threat increasing day by day
  • China – Tibet military titbits every now and then.
  • The world is heading towards economic depression like situation as per the reports by leading monetary institutions.
  • Worst economic crisis in Pakistan, Bangladesh & Nepal.
  • Political crisis in Pakistan.
  • China’s internal crisis and slowdown of its economy

All the above situation is not good for the world, and it has the potentiality to develop in major crisis and change of world power. This situation compels us to think about the astrological reasons behind it and the possible outcome of the situation. When you analyze astrologically, you would find that the planetary transit position is unique and disturbing. To analyze it astrologically, we should first see the transit position of the planets at present and in the coming months. For mundane astrological predictions transit of slow-moving planets Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu-Ketu and Mars is the most vital as their mutual relationships triggers the major events.

Here is the chart showing important transit timings in coming months:

It is astrologically proven that at mundane level, whenever malefic planets transit through cardinal signs of natural zodiac, some major global event happens. One can see it via correlating the past events with the transit of planets. At present, Rahu-Ketu and Saturn, 3 major slow moving malefic planets, are transiting through cardinal signs. It is bound to give world changing events with some negative flavour. The ascendant of natural zodiac, Aries, is occupied by Rahu and will witness two eclipses this year and 4 eclipses of the next year. Apart from this, after 18th Jan 2023, Saturn will aspect Aries sign. Both, ascendant and descendant signs of the natural zodiac, will remain afflicted till October 2023 due to transit of Rahu-Ketu and eclipses. To add to this, natural zodiac ascendant lord Mars, movement is erratic till April 2023 as it will overstay in Taurus and Gemini.

It will be interesting to note that the segment from 23’20” Taurus to 6’40” Gemini is ruled by Mrigshira constellation of Mars where Mars itself will be transiting in an erratic manner in retrograde\direct motion. Also, from 23’20” Capricorn to 6’40” Aquarius is ruled by Dhanishtha constellation of Mars where Saturn will be transiting till 15th March 2023. Rahu is transiting through Aries, the sign ruled by Mars. So, all the malefics are under the influence of Mars, the God of war and conflicts.

At present, Jupiter is transiting through Pisces till April 2023. In Pisces, Jupiter will be in Paap-Kartari Yoga hemmed between Saturn and Rahu. And, after April, Jupiter will conjunct with Rahu in Aries and it will be afflicted by eclipses as well. So, the benefic influence of Jupiter is quite under check. Moreover, Pisces sign is the 12 sign of natural zodiac which indicates expenses and outside influence. Due to this reason, throughout the world, situation of economic crisis will arise, Government borrowings will be on the higher side and states will face outside influences. To add to this, Aries and Libra will witness 6 eclipses – 2 this year and 4 next year.

The Lord of Aries, Mars, will move erratically till April 2023. Thereafter, it would move to its debilitation sign and form shadashtak (6-8) relationship with Saturn. And it will transit through Leo sign in July-August 2023 facing opposition with Saturn. Thus, the transit of Mars is not favourable. It will only add to the negativity of ongoing transits.

Thus, the planetary movement, of coming months is not good at all. It indicates major global crisis on economic and political front and there would be all possibilities of further escalation of aggression. Since malefics are transiting through all the cardinal signs; natural calamity also cannot be ruled out. Due to Jupiter’s weakness and affliction, world economic position will further decrease. Many states will face major political and economic instability. Possibility of government and state head changes will also be there.

This planetary situation is continuing since Saturn’s movement into Capricorn, which marked the beginning of the downfall in world order on economic and political front. It further escalated when Rahu-Ketu started transiting through Aries-Libra. Again, further escalation is indicated, when Aries and Libra will witness the coming eclipses in Oct-Nov 2022 and Apr-May 2023.

At the time of 2nd world war also, Rahu-Ketu were transiting through Aries-Libra and Jupiter was transiting through Pisces, which is the similar planetary position currently. Only the position of Saturn is different. Another data point is that in 1939, Ketu-Uranus were conjunct in Aries and at present Rahu-Uranus are conjunct in Aries. All this correlation clearly suggests some grave situation for the world in coming months either man made or natural.

An important point to note is that Venus is also involved in the current eclipse along with severe affliction on Libra and Cancer all through because of the cardinal signs. As a result, suffering of the masses, reduction in luxuries, crisis at the level of fundamental human rights and denial of basic amenities will be seen for a major population of the world.

A key thing to note here is that the planetary positions quite strongly resemble those of World War II. Moreover, with severe affliction of the cardinal signs, regime changes and changes to the world order are indicated. By the time Rahu moves out of Aries, there will be power shifts and world leaders will get disrupted. Countries that have traditionally been world leaders will lose their dominance and be confronted with internal and external instability while new nations will emerge as leaders. Dominance will change from current positions to different bearers while stage will be set for emerging players to grab center stage. Similar would be the case with global leadership as well where established organizations and leaders (political and private) will face newer challenges and be disrupted by emerging powers.

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  1. Your article “The world is heading towards a crisis” published exactly a year ago (oct 2022) has come true…it quite accurately captures some of the key realities of the past year. Well done and thanks!

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