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A relief after a long time

Story Highlights
  • Sun's transit to Cancer marks the end of the Kaal-Sarpa Yoga that formed since 15th December
  • The current transit indicates some improvement for everyone and will reduce the general gloominess
  • It marks the beginning of recovery wherein some breakthroughs will help us begin fighting back Covid

Since last December 2019, the planetary movement in the sky was such that each and every planet was in a major affliction due to some reason or the other. There were either a lot of malefic associations (as it happened in December), or there were eclipses in which multiple planets were involved, or close conjunctions with a malefic or combustion. And above all, there was a Global Kaal-Sarpa Yoga between December 15th, 2019 and July 16th, 2020 where all planets were entrapped between the Rahu-Ketu axis. This one situation is something that increases the negative impact of everything manifolds.

However, now finally as Sun moves to Cancer on July 16th, the yoga will be broken. This is a very significant event because Sun, the King of the planetary Kingdom will finally be free of the malefic influences it has had since the last six months and will be in Cancer, the healing sign. Thereafter, it will be transiting through its own sign which will add to its strength and might. As a result, it will improve the confidence of people and government authorities including heads of states/institutions/organizations. People will feel a little more relaxed in general and most of the world’s immediate worries will be eased to some extent.

In mythology, Sun is also known as Dhanwantri – the God of Medicine. Passing through Cancer (known as the healing sign) till 16th August means signficant improvements in the health situation of the world. There will be quite a few breakthroughs in the fight against Covid. News will pour in from different places that some medicine or treatment process is going to help out patients. All of this will make most of us and because of various developments, even the doctors and nurses working tirelessly since many months will get a chance to relax a little. Of course, these advancements are going to fructify by the time when Sun moves to its own sign of Leo after 16th August. So, August and September are going to be quite significant in this context. Do note that this does not mean the pandemic will be eradicated all through but because the Sun’s placement is improving some tangible advancement and relief is certain. The other astrological factor that supports betterment is that all planets are passing through their own signs or Navamsha. The Sun-Saturn opposition is a delaying factor and a bit adverse but still positive results are expected.

Taking on a personal level, it is a significant improvement for people with Leo, Cancer, Gemini and Sagittarius and Scorpio. For Leo and Cancer, their lords are going to be free of the Eclipse combination that occurred last month. For Gemini and Sagittarius, the impact of the Eclipse in their sign will start to wear off. And for Scorpio, Sun’s movement outside of their 8th house will be a matter of relief. For other signs too there is going to be some upliftment in the situation but for these signs the impact will be most noticeable.

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