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Transit Tracker | Saturn in Capricorn

Transit Tracker | Saturn in Capricorn

Saturn has been transiting Capricorn since the 24th of January and it is going to be a very interesting journey ahead. The transit of planets through the four cardinal or movable signs is always considered to be the most significant as these are the Kendra houses or Quadrants of the Kaal-Purusha chart. In simple terms, anything happening in these four cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) is of great importance to the world. The second thing here is, that the transit of the slow moving planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu-Ketu) is of the most importance. 

Now, among the slow-moving planets, Saturn is the slowest and most important while among the signs Capricorn is the Northern and so the most important. Hence, the transit becomes especially significant. Saturn goes to Capricorn after every 30 years and in the past it has been in the sign during 1929-32, 1960-62, 1990-92 and now in 2020-22. Through all of these transits, the world has faced significant changes and challenges. The highlights among those are:

  • In 1929-1932, one of the worst global economic crisis took place, The Great Depression. In India, Dandi March and the declaration of the Purna Swaraj movement are the notable events of Saturn in Capricorn. 
  • In 1960-62, two major events happened in India. The first was that Goa, Daman and Diu were made a part of India, and the second was the Indo-China war of 1962. 
  • In 1990-92, the Economic Liberalization policy was adaopted by the Narasimha Rao government which marked a major shift in India’s economic policy. It was coupled with the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi and the Mandal commission agitation. 

So we see, that the transit of Saturn through Capricorn is coupled with some of the most important events in history and the same combination is happening now as well. With the Transit Tracker series, we track all of the happenings of major transits. The first version of the Transit Tracker was paid but we’ve now thought of making it a free read for everyone! Please let us know your views in the comment section below and if you want to cover some other topics as well!

2020 AD | The New World Order


The year 2020 has been something which we all will remember for our entire lifetime. That is something we all can say with absolute confidence. But the question remains as to why this year turned out to be so chaotic and what exactly pushed it to that?

Well, the answer is not very complicated, but pretty unique in itself. The last year saw the conjunction of six planets at once, four of which are major drivers of global influences. Through the end of the year, we saw Saturn, Jupiter, Ketu and Pluto align, the precedence of which we’re been unable to trace so far. The last time Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto were in conjunction was about 3500 years back and there too Ketu was out of the equation. Whether a similar conjunction like this ever happened before or not is still a mystery but we shouldn’t be surprised if the conjunction appears to be related to phases of major chaos or extinctions in the Earth’s history.

When any planet aligns with Ketu or Rahu for a long time in transit, there is a ripple effect that is created. Each year, Sun transits over Rahu/Ketu every 6 months and we see solar/lunar eclipses around these times. If another planet happens to be with the nodes at the same time, it triggers a series of misfortunes for the planet. For one, being with Rahu or Ketu itself is an affliction that creates negative impact. Second, in the month when Sun transits the place, the planet also gets combust. And third, when Sun itself is eclipsed and the planet is with Sun, the planet too gets eclipsed. So all in all, the three planets Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto happened to be combust, eclipsed and afflicted at the same time last year and because of the alignment of other planets too, it was as if all the astrological driving factors drifted into darkness all at once, leaving the world to fend for itself. What followed, was total chaos!

As we had previously mentioned on our Blog, the time is unprecedented and indicative of chaos. It won’t be fair of us to say that something like this can be turned overnight and things will become better within a few days or weeks. This is a problem which is, in the literal sense of the word, unprecedented and which probably will not repeat again in our lifetimes. This will be among the bedtime stories we tell our children and grandchildren years down the line. Hence, above all else, caution is required from our side.

Understanding the Problem

The major challenge posed by the current crisis is not just about health or whether the public places will reopen or not. The bigger question against all of us is this; How are we going to adapt?

Do not think that this is an event planned by our destiny to teach us something or to test our resolve. The universe is far too grand to worry about us individually. It changes over time and triggers chaos because that is the way it works. Those who survive, do so by adapting. And today the same question is against all of us. If we’re going to survive, we need to figure out the problems and find solutions before time runs out!

While the pandemic is the focus of the world for now, it is not exactly the problem we’re posed with. The problem facing us is the total shutdown of the world leading to a crash of major economies. With such a shutdown, the global economy is bleeding every second of this pandemic and ultimately it is going to haunt us too! We may be too engrossed in worrying about Covid but the major enemy we’ll be faced with is the changing economy.

For one, the shutdown has already started the recession which is a problem in itself; and second, the pandemic is bringing about major changes in the way the world operates. It is not just about going back to your lives when the pandemic is over. The issue at hand is that the world will undergo a complete makeover during this period impacting businesses, jobs, lifestyles, ideas, thoughts and priorities.

So to begin with, we need to understand the problem posed to us by the universe. The key points to keep in mind for this are:

  • The major impact of the current situation will go on economy
  • Lifestyle and the way businesses operate will change
  • Industrial domination will change and newer, completely different jobs and work-styles will emerge
  • Global dynamics, diplomatic relationships, friendships and priorities will change

The Current Transit Positions

At present, Saturn and Jupiter are passing through Capricorn and four planets have been retrograde since May. Rahu and Ketu will transit to Scorpio/Taurus axis in September. All of this is very significant in relation to India and the world. Do note that Pluto is also transiting through Capricorn at the time and Saturn-Pluto conjunction is always indicative of major political and economic shift in the world. Since the conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn-Ketu-Pluto is unheard in the recorded history, we can say that the world will definitely never be the same again. 
However, Jupiter’s association with Saturn will provide a soothing effect. It will control some of the negative effects of Saturn. But the upcoming June-July eclipses are going to add fuel to the fire. 
In a nutshell, the current transit hints at the following:

  • Highly charged political atmosphere
  • Heads of states will change across countries/states for several countries. 
  • Major economic slowdown which the world will take significant time to recover from
  • Tension with neighbors and border disputes
  • War-like tensions and near-escalations to war, but an actual war will not happen
  • India will take some very bold steps regarding Pakistan Occupied Kashmir and its other border disputes. Actions that are affirmative and initiated by India
  • Labor unrest and strong opposition against the current government should be expected throughout the world
  • Death of a few important political leaders
  • In september, when Rahu-Ketu changes axist to Taurus/Scoprio, there would be major upheavals in political and social fields. Events like earthquakes, floods, cyclones, accidents, epidemics, communal tension and public agitation in many parts of the world will be seen. 

​​Global Impact

United States

Chart of the United States of America

For the US, the Sadhe-Sati of Saturn has just begun from 24th January 2020. It denotes a period of stress, unrest and turmoil. The current transit of Rahu-Ketu leading to the previous two and upcoming eclipse is through the lagna axis which is bad as well indicating bad foreign relations, hostilities, increased aggression and stress to the rulers. 

Many heads of states will change. Political and economic scandals will come to light along with the country seeing aggressive policies, war-like situations and economic instability. 

New Year 2020 – USA

The current New-Year chart of the US similarly shows stress for the United States. With Saturn, Mars and Pluto in the lagna conflict and aggression are indicated strongly. Afflictions to the 4th house show public outrage against the government but also indicates that the opposition party will not be able to take advantage of the situation and eventually the situation may become difficult for the opposition. 

Along with this, natural calamities which have a significant effect on the US will be witnessed apart from domestic unrest and accidents. 


Chart of People’s Republic of China

China is also passing through its Sadhe-Sati and the Saturn transit over both Lagna and Moon this year indicates a period of turmoil and major policy changes and a shift in the overall Chinese strategy of how they project their image across the world. 

That said, the Chinese horoscope is not in as bad a shape as the US for now and overall China will be able to sail through despite some damage to their image for which they’ll have to perform major rework in how they work with other countries. 

New Year 2020 – China

In the current New Year chart, the lagna lord and Moon in the 8th house undoubtedly tarnish the image of China as a nation and time and again the allegations will keep coming up. China will keep finding itself in midst of controversies no matter how much they try to alleviate this. 

Sudden and hidden problems will arise, the Government and countries image will be hampered at many times but because of 2 malefic in the 6th house, it will provide them with the strength to overcome the odds eventually. 


New Year 2020 – India

The chart for the current year is not good for India financially and same is the case with the Oath-Taking Chart for the new government post the general elections of 2019. The Oath-Taking Chart is an important chart that tells about how the newly elected government is going to function. 

The new government is not in a lot of threat as it will be able to maintain the confidence within public and move with stability. However, the opposition will also grow strong in this terms and the anti-government forces will often become vocal too. The head of the state and his stability is protected. 

That said, the current New-Year chart for India is stronger when compared with the US and some of the other major economies. The impact of the lock down and will not be as negative of India and in the long run this may end up actually benefiting India and its reputation. That said, we predicted for the past year that there are going to be chances of communal riots and tensions, and the same combinations exists for this year as well although a little toned down in comparison to 2019. 

The upcoming Transit of Rahu-Ketu after September is not very positive for India and denotes suffering and hardship to people. The political atmosphere will remain charged, there will be several changes in state-governments, some scandals will come to light that ignite communal tensions and border tensions will escalate. However, in the broader picture, the events would eventually benefit India as India’s chart for the year is positive compared to the others. 

​​Impact on the Zodiac Signs


Result Overview

While overall the impact of the transit is good for you, understand that the intensity of the positive results will remain diminished unless a lot of genuine hard work is put towards your goals. The current transit of Saturn in going to bring about significant changes to your life including strong possibilities of change of residence as well as workplace.

It is important to be thoughtful while making job related changes because you would tend to be in rush and haste would lead to problems. Despite good results, there would be a general drag and delay in expected results which would only be overcome by persistent efforts. The transit is not very good for home. There could be health issues to spouse and mother which would be a major source of the negativity. If you have ongoing issues in your marriage/relationship or within family, the issues would persist and may escalate a bit from time to time. Any improvement in this regard should only be expected from 2022.

It is especially important to consider your financial situation as expenses are very likely to increase. If you’re making large investments, they should only be done in areas where you have some security and you shouldn’t take risks with your money. With the right push and carefulness, the current transit has the ability to give wonderful results. Most important of all, avoid risks. 

The period from March 2nd, 2022 to March 27th, 2022 is not very good. During this period, no major decisions should be taken and no major pursuits should be started.


Put in the best efforts from your end, do not rely on luck too much and make sure there are no loopholes left from your end. Hard work will always reap rewards. 


Result Overview

The period for Taurus is relatively better as it marks the upcoming 5 years period when the Yogkaraka Saturn will be transiting its own signs thereby providing favorable results in general and better growth opportunities over the next few years. Significant improvement will be there with respect to career and luck. 

The transit is going to bring about long-journey, increased travel and religious inclinations. On the negative front, it is likely to bring about some trouble/tension to your father or some differences with father. There would be bad news in family including the news of death of some relatives or ill-health to them. Some restriction in your financial position is indicated and it would be more meaning to strive for sustained growth and steady flow of money. The period is good to invest in long-term assets but avoid spending too much on high-risk and short-term ventures. Some distancing will be seen with friends. The period is going to give some trouble to siblings.

Some minor health issues are indicated during the transit for you and although you will not develop any severe ailments, you will frequently have minor seasonal issues. Avoid getting into debt in this period if you can help it. The focus for the next two years should strictly be on how to reduce your debt and not on increasing it. If you already have a lot of debt in your name, you are going to feel some financial discomfort due to them. 

The period from 27th March 2022 to 29th April 2022 is not very good. During this period, avoid starting any major endeavors or take important career decisions. Especially avoid this period for any medical treatment or surgery. 


Since the overall period is good, no specific remedies are required. As a pointer, for most of your expenses, try using your earnings/savings and not get into debt. Take care of your health and most importantly build and enact long-term plans as the period will help you fructify your long-term vision over the next 5 years. 


Result Overview

The result for Gemini is not a very positive one. You should be especially careful as obstacles are indicated for your tasks and there could be setbacks in your initiatives. The period is relatively better than the last transit of Saturn but even so, this period does not bring about very significant improvements. It would be from the next transit of Saturn in 2022 that your days will improve very significantly. 

The current transit signifies health issues, troubles to brother and your in-laws’ family. If you have any pre-existing health issues, take maximum care for those. If you don’t have health issues but have the risk factors for an illness, take care about them and remain in precaution. The current transit of Rahu from Gemini which is going to last till September 2020 is likely to have brought on some loss of position/respect to you in some manner or the other. The upcoming two years of Saturn’s transit are going to make the situation persist unless you try to improve the situation on your own. It is important to take control of your life situation and look at the best alternatives.

Speaking for career and finances, the next two years are going to give you slow and gradual results. Ideally, you should try and preserve the wealth you have and definitely not take risks with it. In terms of your career, the best results will come by focusing on pure hard-work rather than expecting to grow out of favors or investments. If you make a strong backbone for your work over the next 2 years, you will reap its benefits from 2022 onward. 

The current transit is not very favorable for children. There would be some delay in their works. However, apart from that everything else will be good for them. 


Always take decisions after careful considerations. Avoid risks as much as you can and go with the path where results are the most certain/predictable. If older associations are on the verge of breaking, do not cling and do not try to restart them. Look at newer dimensions for your work. 


Result Overview

Overall the transit is good for Cancer. Especially if you’re expecting positive results in business. The period indicates changes to or addition in your business along with increase in income. A change of residence is also possible if you are planning in that direction, but even otherwise there would definitely be some change/remodeling/renovation to your house. 

The period is not good for your spouse as there could be increased tension, health issues and restrictions to their growth over the next 2 years. For your spouse, taking care of health and avoiding risk in their career decisions will be required. There could be some disturbances at your home due to this but overall the upcoming 2 years will be positive. The period is not very good for your father and like your spouse, they too can have some health issues or tensions coming their way for the next 2 years. It is important to care for their health. 

Despite good growth, tension is indicated for you over the next 2 years and while all good results will be seen these will nonetheless come with tension and some delays. It is important to not be overwhelmed by tension because ultimately the result will be good for you. Being relaxed, and avoiding stress is the most important thing for you. Other than that you can expect positives from the period. 


Avoid stress, especially when you cannot do anything about the cause of stress. In general, remain calm in difficult situations and be patient. 


Result Overview

The current transit is good for you. From a business point of view the period is very good. There would be victory in litigation, gain from loans, power over enemies and success against adversaries. If you find yourself in difficult scenarios during the next 2 years, these are eventually going to turn in your favor and yield positive results for you. 

Some health issues are indicated for you but these will not be significant. Health issues will be there for both you and your wife. Take extra care if you have any previous health issues already. That said, wasteful expenses are likely to increase while important or useful expenses will go down. You should take care of getting appropriate sleep each night as disturbed sleep is likely for the time period. 

Relationship with neighbors and servants will be a little restricted throughout the period and in general you should not trust them with something important or sensitive. Especially in situations where the matter is important to you. However, as long as you keep control over them, subordinates will be pretty useful for your purpose and will help you meet your goals. 

The period from 11th March 2020 to 21st April 2020, and then from 9th December 2020 to 2nd January 2021 is not very good. Avoid any major activities or decision-making during the period. 


As the period is good for you overall, no major remedies are required. Try to be accommodating for others in adverse situation and you will be able to overcome the troubles. 


Result Overview

The transit is going to be average for you with mixed good and bad results. In terms of the positive results, there would be good luck and growth in personal and intellectual spheres through your hard-work and efforts. 

The period is not good for speculative gains, trading, gambling and such activities. Go slow in all of these areas and do not take unknown amounts of risk. It is good to invest in areas where you’re reasonably confident of the outcome or have a definite outcome defined, but in all activities of speculative nature, it is recommended to not delve too much. Especially with a significant amount of money. 

There could be disturbances in your relationships (if you’re unmarried) or health issues to spouse (if you’re married). It is important to give the other person their due space and not to get too demanding in the relationship as it will have a significant impact on how the other person perceives it. You should be considerate of the other person’s point of view at all times and give enough room to yourself and to the other person as well to consider where you stand. In case of arguments/differences, do not escalate the situation but give each other some time to rethink the matter. The problem will not escalate if you do so. If you’re married, some tension to your spouse due to their work or other aspects of life is likely along with some minor health issues to them.

Financially speaking, the period is good but would give some delays with earnings. Earnings will be consistent during the period and not fluctuate much. There would be steady growth but with delays. It is better if you do not save the money with yourself. Away from your reach, the money will grow faster. However, as mentioned before, avoid speculative investments. The period from 21st April 2020 to 11th July 2020 and 2nd January 2021 to 23rd January 2021 is not very good. Avoid any major decisions or initiatives during that period. 


Avoid speculation, stick to what you’re the most confident about. Be considerate and do not escalate situations unnecessarily. Most importantly, be quiet in tensed environments and talk less. 


Result Overview

The current transit is not very favorable for you and you can experience disturbances in a few areas. There would be tensions in family due to differences and misunderstandings and from time to time the situation can escalate. It is important to be considerate of your family members and to not look for arguments form your end. While no major negative results will be there, still there could be occasional or frequent arguments/disruptions at home. As a remedy, keep changing the interior setup of your house every few months. 

There would be some issues at the workplace as well along with differences with subordinates and superiors. Overall the period is good for your job and you would get either a change of work/job or promotion during this period but with differences and disputes. Especially avoid charging on your subordinates as they will be instrumental in your success. 

While the overall result of the period will be good for you, it will all come with significant stress and tension. What you need to strongly avoid is taking decisions in an aggravated state of mind. Always wait for sometime and think over all the possibilities carefully before taking the final decision. 

Some delays in loan-repayments of difficulties due to loans are indicated so it is better if you keep this in mind. Make sure to not delay repayments if you can help it and unless it is very important, do not add loans to your name during this transit period. The period from 23rd January 2021 to 13th February 2021 is not good for you. Take extra care of your health during this time. 


Handle your finances carefully and be mindful of how others are perceiving you. In formal situations, be very mindful of how you come across to the other person. 


Result Overview

The current transit is pretty good for you and this also marks the end of Sadhe-Sati for you. You can expect good growth and significant improvement compared to the past 5 year. The period is going to give you results as per your efforts. The more you work for an objective, the better you can expect. However, the current period will not reward you in case of no-efforts. You can only expect success in an area if you have put in your efforts. If you are relying on sheer luck, there will be delays in fructification. 

The period indicates short journey, frequent travel and movement. Some health issues will be seen in family and for your father as well. Some bad news may come from relatives. Other than this however, there would be some obstacles to growth for children and they may see some difficulties in their education or work. However, problem for them will not be very significant. 

The current period also indicated financial improvement for you, although it will come with some wasteful expenses as well. Especially if you’re planning to increase your earning potential, the period is going to be very rewarding. Put in efforts in areas from where you can expect consistent return and investments would be positive. 

The period between 13th February 2020 to 8th March 2020, 15th August 2021 to 5th December 2021 is not good for you and no major decisions/initiatives should be taken during that time. 


Pay more attention to family and be present for them in their times of need. 


Result Overview

Overall the transit is good for you and you will see improvement in your position and your financial status. As it is the last phase of Sadhe-Sati for you, there would be a lot of improvement over the next 1 year and a lot of good results. The negative effects of the past 3 years will start fading away by the end of 2021. 

On the financial front, while there would overall be gains and growth, there is also the possibility of losing money through bad investments. Hence, always make sure to invest carefully and in general avoid high-risk investments. Try to increase your income, safe-returns, assets and capital without delving too much into speculative trading, gambling, etc. Delayed earnings are indicated during this period but financial position will improve with time. 

There would be some discomfort at home including some disputes/differences with family members, tension through relatives and even not getting food timely from time to time due to other concerns/work. Make sure to handle these situations calmly because while the problem persists, it will not escalate unless you deliberately do so. The period is not good for making new investments in real-estate. Some tension is also possible with friends.

While health will be good for you, if there are any chronic issues you should take care of those. The period from 8th March 2020 to 5th April 2020, 13th July 2021 to 15th August 2021 and then 3rd December to 30th December 2021 is not very good. Avoid major decisions during these times and take care of your health. 


Be steady, calm and persistent in all that you do. Think carefully before initiating anything major. 


Result Overview

The current transit is average for you with mixed positive and negative results. The period is going to be good for self growth, putting in effort in areas where you want success and for self-growth. You will also see reduction in your weight during this period. On the negative side, there may be significant ego or pride that hinders your work. 

There would be changes at your work and either your job or your work will change. If you have been looking for a change of location/residence, that too would materialize during this period. Changes that you undergo now will be in your favor for long-run and if changes are coming your way, it does not make sense to let the opportunity go as those will be good. 

Apart from this, however, there would be difficult situation at work from time to time and you may find yourself at loggerheads with your superiors from time to time. There may be some health issues to your siblings and they may find obstacles in their endeavors. Some problems are also indicated to your subordinates and/or servants. There would be health issues to your spouse and it is possible that differences crop up between the two of you from time to time because you’re unable to understand each other emotionally. As a solution, make sure that you are always upfront with your better-half and discuss all your problems openly with each other. 

The period from 5th April 2021 to 13th July 2021 and then from 30th December 2021 to 21st January 2022 is not very good. Avoid any major decisions during that time. 


Do not be over-reactive in critical situations and at all times, ensure that you are not acting out of ego/pride. Meditate on a daily basis for 15-20 minutes. 


Result Overview

The current transit is average for you and you will see separate positive and negative results in separate areas of life. There are indications of long journey that take you away form your comfortable environment and into new/distant places. However, these travels and movements will be favorable for you and help you grow as a person. There would be more interaction with strangers and you will receive help from them as well. 

Delays are indicated in loan repayment and there are chances of increased expenses for sure. Handle your finances very carefully or you will see a lot of wastage in your overall expenses. A minor reduction is indicated in your earning or saving potential unless you consciously make amends to your strategy. It is ideal if you keep money out of your own reach. Try your best not to add to your loans during this period and not to delay repayments. 

You would see some health issues in family during this period and there is possibility of getting the news of death among your relatives. Some minor health issues are indicated for the father and overall there would be delays and restrictions in all your activities. It is quite possible that all new work that you begin gets delayed for some time and then re-starts. If you see it happening, always start a work, quit and then restart for smooth completion. 

Results that you get are very easily changeable with your own efforts, so always make sure that you plan carefully and change your strategy as and when there is a requirement. Do not be rigid in your outlook or the period will bring about difficulties. The period from 21st January 2022 to 11th February 2022 is not good. Avoid major decisions during that time. 


Do not be rigid in your opinions, manage your finances very carefully. Always keep a bucket of water in the North-East corner of your house. 


Result Overview

The period is good for overall development and you can focus on growth activities that you have planned for yourself. The period is especially positive to strive for success and accomplishment in areas you are focused on. Financially, the period is good and will give you more growth. Income will be stable for the time period and if you’re planning on growing your income, the growth will be stable as well. 

The period is not good for education and you should put in more efforts in studies so as to overcome the effects of this period. For those who are in their student life, the upcoming two periods can be challenging from a performance point of view and more efforts will be required to keep up your performance. If you are someone who is easily distracted from study, the current transit will be a bit challenging. If you’re looking for certifications or higher education courses, make sure to prepare well and put in more efforts than you normally would. As a remedy, always take a lot of mock-exams or sample tests to know your status of preparation. 

In terms of romantic relationships and relationship with friends, some bad results are indicated. There can be more tension in relationships and at times conversations may be strained. It would primarily be because of misunderstandings or not giving due weight age to the other person’s perspective. Be more understanding in your relationships and try to be more receiving to ensure that the period goes smoothly for you. 

In general, the period is going to give positive results with delays. The time period between 11th Feb 2022 to 2nd March 2022 is not very good and should be avoided for important activities. 


Do not rush into decisions. Take your time to think about the consequences and plan your endeavors accordingly. Be more open about the other person’s perspective in any relationship. 

​​Impact on the Nakshatras

Assessing Impact by Nakshatras

In Vedic Astrology, the branch of Nakshatra analysis is completely separate from the branch of Rashi analysis and has some very interesting theories that offers spectacular predictions. We have tried using one such remarkable technique to analyze the transit of Saturn through Capricorn for various zodiac signs. 

In Nakshatra Astrology, transit predictions are primarily based on the panchang elements such as Vaara (Weekday), Tithi (Lunar Day), Nakshatra, etc. Signs do not play a major role and dashas etc. are not considered in the analysis. In the method prescribed below, Saturn’s result for each group of trinal Nakshtras is classified and labeled as the various Vaahana or Vehicle on which Lord Shani Deva will mount during the transit. The different results are understood basis the type of Vaahana and each Vaahana has a unique result attributed. So once you have figured out the relevant Vaahana for you, you can read the results for that transit. 

The method of calculation is as below:

  1. Find out the number of the weekday (Sunday is 1) on which Saturn transits a sign
  2. Find out the number of Tithi on the transit day
  3. Find out the Nakshatra of Moon and its number (Ashwini is 1)
  4. Find out your own birth Nakshatra’s number (Ashwini is 1)
  5. Divide the nakshatra number by 9 to find out the remainder both for Transit Moon’s nakshtra number and your birth Nakshatra’s number

The Vaahan Derived is calculated as the remainder of the following equation: 
(Number of Weekday + Number of Tithi + Number of Nakshatra for Transit Moon + Number of your birth Nakshatra) / 9
For the current transit, we’ve done the math for you! You can choose your birth nakshatra in the first column of the chart to read the results!

NakshatrasVaahana (Vehicle)Results
 Ashwini, Magha, MoolaBuffaloThe current transit is average and you would require vigilance along with endeavor to get good results. Alertness is required at all times because if you lose track of your efforts/objectives, success will not be achieved. Along with this, too much eagerness and haste will also result in failure. 
Patience is the key to getting good results during this period. Be alert, recheck all your work and keep yourself up to date with whatever you are doing. Good results will definitely be seen.
 Bharani, Purva Phalguni, Purva AshadhaLionYou will require a lot of aggression in order to get success. You would need to lead from the front, take initiatives on your own and make sure others put in their bits. There will be a tendency to isolate or get into dispute with others but that needs to be avoided by accommodating the other person. 
Have someone during this period who would counsel you and listen to their advice.
 Krittika, Uttara Phalguni, Uttara AshadhaJackalHow much success you get will strictly depend on how much efforts you put in. There would be a tendency to not work too much or procrastinate which will lead to negative results. Being opportunistic will help and you should always look for opportunities to push in your ideas/suggestions/efforts. You will need to grasp the opportunity as and when it comes.
There are possibilities of getting bad news regarding your focus areas and you will need to overcome these. 
 Rohini, Hasta, ShravanaCrowThe period is not very good for you and will lead you to disputes, disagreements and confrontations with others. You would need to control your anger, not indulge in debate and be accommodating of the other person. There will be a tendency to deviate from the objective which will create problems. No matter what problem arises, never lose track of the outcome you desire and act accordingly. 
 Mrigshira, Chitra, DhanishtaPeacockThe current transit is very favorable for you and fortune will favor you in your endeavors. You will be able to bring to closure things that have long been due or have been stuck due to various reasons. Being sensitive and emotionally connected with others will give especially favorable results. 
 Ardra, Swati, SatbhishaSwanThe period is going to be pretty good and you will get all-round success in everything that you wish to do. You will especially showcase the tendency of handling tough situations well and will be able to take the right call at the right time. Be alert and conscious of your surroundings at all times, you will be able to get exceptional results.
 Punarvasu, Vishakha, Purva BhadrapadaDonkeyThe period is average for you as you will get results as per your efforts. You will have to put in significant efforts in order to achieve the result and often you would find yourself in situation where you’re either involved in work that is pointless or will not yield any reward. It is important to learn to distinguish between what really matters and what is secondary so that you can focus on the most important things. 
 Pushya, Anuradha, Uttara BhadrapadaHorseThe period is good for you and will bring about success in your endeavors. The transit will make you work with more zeal and vigor and you will be much more involved in anything that you do than before. Success will come simply because of your efforts and those efforts will come naturally for you. 
 Ashlesha, Jyeshtha, RevatiElephantThe result is not very good and you can expect delay in your work. Some unexpected results are indicated and often it will be by pure coincidence. You will need to be more patient and calm if in order to get good results. As a remedy, practicing meditation is required. As long as you work patiently, good results will be guaranteed. 
Impact by birth Nakshatra

​​​​In Conclusion

The current situation is unprecedented and not one of us knows what to make of it. Basis all of our analysis, we cannot assure you that things will go back to normal at least until mid-2022 and even beyond that, it may be a new world and a new world order. The most important thing to keep in mind is, that when there is a problem that comes a group, a community or a planet at once, it can only be dealt with as a community. It is time where each one of us can prove to be a hero or a villain in this story. 

It is not wise to think you know more than you do, or that you can handle more than you really can. Because your actions matter not just to you, but to somebody else as well. Be it the pandemic, the economic slowdown or social unrest, in all of these situations your actions are going to matter to everyone in the world. It is the transit of the significator of Karma (Saturn) through the sign of Karma (Capricorn). So the only way we all will sail through this, is to keep our Karma clean. 

Stay safe, stay alert and most important of all, stay smart. Don’t risk yourself or others by doing something irrational or insensitive!

उद्धरेदात्मनात्मानं नात्मानमवसादयेत् |आत्मैव ह्यात्मनो बन्धुरात्मैव रिपुरात्मन: || 

You should elevate yourself through your own efforts, and you must not let yourself drown. For you are your own true friend, and you are your own true enemy.

Bhagwad Gita 06:05

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  1. Am not qualified in any manner to comment or even compliment on this post. Just couple of points:

    Am wondering if the results ascribed in the article refers to the results of Saturn in Capricorn exclusively, or it also takes into account other transits of Jupiter and Rahu. Could not rationalize some predictions such as good business growth for Cancer ascendant, when Saturn transits through the 7th and aspects 9th, 1st and 4th. Most likely it’s my paucity of understanding the basics :).

    Also a small suggestion with reference to the Jupiter in Sagittarius Tracker published last year. There was a section on results for Transit over Natal Planets, which was very insightful. Maybe something similar could be introduced in the future TT Series.


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