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Upcoming Twin Eclipses – An Analysis

On November 19th 2021, on the day of Kartik Purnima, the second Lunar Eclipse of the year will take place in Taurus sign. On this day, the Moon will be placed in Krittika Nakshatra which is ruled by the Sun. The Lunar eclipse of November 19 would impact Taurus and Scorpio signs the most as Moon is placed in Taurus with Rahu and Sun is placed in Scorpio with Ketu on the day of eclipse. It is the longest Lunar eclipse in the last 580 years; the one as long a lunar eclipse last happened in February, 1440. In India, this will be visible for a very short span towards the end in extreme North Eastern part from Arunachal Pradesh and Assam.

Timeline of Lunar Eclipse

EventTime in New DelhiVisible in New Delhi
Penumbral eclipse begins19 Nov, 11:32No, below the horizon
Partial eclipse begins19 Nov, 12:48No, below the horizon
Maximum eclipse19 Nov, 14:32No, below the horizon
Partial eclipse ends19 Nov, 16:17No, below the horizon
Penumbral eclipse ends19 Nov, 17:33Yes

This Lunar eclipse will be followed by a Solar Eclipse on 4th December, 2021 which is falling in Scorpio sign and Jyeshta Nakshatra; this would be the only ‘Total solar eclipse’ of the year 2021. But only one part of the world, Antarctica, will be able to observe the total Solar eclipse while many other parts of the world will observe a partial Solar eclipse. Partial Solar eclipse can be observed from South America, New Zealand, Africa, Southern parts of Australia and the Pacific, Atlantic & the Indian Ocean.

Timeline of Solar Eclipse

EventTime in New DelhiVisible in New Delhi
Partial eclipse begins4 Dec, 10:59No
Full eclipse begins4 Dec, 12:30No
Maximum eclipse4 Dec, 13:03No
Full eclipse ends4 Dec, 13:36No
Partial eclipse ends4 Dec, 15:07No

As these eclipses are not visible in India hence there is limited significations of rituals or karmkand related to the eclipses, at least for those residing in India. But luminaries are getting afflicted hence it is important from an astrological point of view and each sign will observe some negative results.

Astronomically, the nodes, Rahu and Ketu are mostly in retrograde motion, except near an eclipse when their actual movement (True Mode) literally wobbles. As these are intersection points of the Moon’s orbit and Sun’s elicpital path, both Rahu and Ketu turns ‘direct’ for short interval of times during an eclipse. It is important to note, that the significations of Rahu and Ketu Dominate during and after any eclipse.


Taurus and Scorpio signs would be under affliction due to these eclipses. Taurus is a fixed earthy sign ruled by Venus while Scorpio is a watery sign ruled by Mars. At the time of the Lunar eclipse, the most benefic planet, Jupiter, is under debilitation and hence there is not much protection available for the general public. Hence the lunar eclipse will tend to give more negative results on an emotional level for the general public. Though in reality there might not be as many negative events, the perception will be gloomy. 

These eclipses are falling on the 2-8 axis of the natural zodiac hence it denotes miseries and sudden events. Stress for the ruling class and head of the institutions in general. Taurus is the second sign of the natural zodiac, it denotes financial stability, purchasing power of the people, strength of currency, budget and balance of trade, financial institutions, banks, supporting parties of the government. 

Scorpio denotes sudden events, accidents, natural calamities, earthquakes, etc. It also denotes clandestine activities. There is a possibility of conspiracy, plotting against the government or top authorities and they will feel more stressed. Luminaries in Rahu-Ketu axis denote scandal and rumours as well. The 8th house of the natural zodiac also denotes war or war-like situations. Whenever an eclipse sign is influenced by Mars, it indicates violent activities, terrorist attacks, people’s unrest and protest. Taurus sign is aspected by Mars on lunar eclipse day and Mars will transit to Scorpio on the next day after eclipse. Hence we can see negative events happening around these areas. These results will be observed across the globe, more particularly the countries which are governed by Taurus or Scorpio signs OR the countries where Taurus & Scorpio fall in 2nd or 8th house. 

In Indian context the eclipses are falling in 1st and 7th houses of India’s independence chart. 1st house in general denotes overall health of the country, law and order, general prosperity, public health, and government reputation. The 7th house denotes business and trade activities, and the amusement industry. Hence these areas will mostly suffer.


On an individual level, people, in general, will feel more stress in their work environment and financially it will not be a good period. Be cautious about investment and speculation\stock market. People with long\chronic diseases should take extra precautions about their health and be cautious while driving vehicles. Try to avoid any surgery, if not absolutely necessary. Lunar eclipse gives more prominent results on the emotional plane so people might feel more stressed out; try to keep yourself calm in the matters of family and relationships.

In general, due to affliction of luminaries by Rahu-Ketu results are not on the positive side. But on contrary, in some extreme cases where people have strong Rahu or Ketu in their chart, they might observe some significant positive results also as Rahu-Ketu are passing through their friendly sign and hence are getting strong.

The Sun’s recent transit to Scorpio is very important as the eclipse is falling in this sign. For more details on Sun’s transit and its results on people, please refer to our earlier article:

Eclipse impact by Ascendant (Lagna) and/or Moon Sign (Rashi)

Aries: People need more precautions about their health, reputation and family affairs. Be careful about speculation, trading and love affairs.

Taurus: People should be careful about relationships, business prospects and health. They should be more cautious in deciding any new venture in coming months.

Gemini – Expenses will increase and they might feel more stressed due to an old debt. There might be obstacles in life and some old disease might resurface. Relationships with people might suffer. Avoid long journeys.

Cancer – Financially better but bad for creative work, children and friend related matters. Do not take decisions about marriage or relationships. Some trouble might arise due to friends.

Leo – Work environment, relationships with boss and subordinates might deteriorate. Domestic environment might also be unpleasant. Take care of your mother’s health.

Virgo – There might be trouble related to father, long journey, Guru and relationship with brother . Do not show needless courage otherwise you may get stuck. You will have to work harder to get desired results.

Libra – Finances, health, relations with relatives might suffer. Needless wandering\travel might increase and daily routine might get disturbed.

Scorpio – Relationship with spouse, reputation, health and partnership will suffer. Do not make new business dealings and investments. Avoid altercation with partners.

Sagittarius – There will be an increase in expenses and needless wandering. You may feel restless and might observe trouble sleeping. Do not go for foreign dealings and be careful about your health.

Capricorn: This might give some better results on the financial front but it would not be good for romance, family and children related matters. This period is not good for those appearing for competitive exams, more effort is required for desired results. 

Aquarius: You might feel under pressure at the workplace. Mother and wife’s health may deteriorate. There might be some trouble related to your vehicle and property.

Pisces:  Slightly better on financial front but you will feel stressed due to brother or father related matters. Be extra careful about travel.

Note 1: This month is the eclipse month. Eclipse month is usually not considered good for any new decisions. So, job change, investment or any other major decisions should be done with extra care. Sun, Moon, both the luminaries are affected, so doing any remedies for Sun, Moon will be good. Eclipse time is a powerful time for spiritual and religious activities without desires but it is not good for Kamna siddhi and desire fulfilment.

Note 2: One should always keep in mind that the interpretation done by such transit techniques would always have the flavor of generic results and observed results get modified based on operating dasha, age and other planetary influences. To arrive at a more concrete result one should always superimpose these results on already observed results and view the results with a comparative angle.

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