West Bengal Government – Mamata Banerjee’s Third Term

Analysis of the swearing in chart and the third term for Mamata Banerjee

The time of the head of government being sworn-in is very important for analyzing the future of the incoming Government in of any country, state, or entity. The swearing-in marks the initiation of the new term and can be thought of as the birth chart of the government. It is a crucial part in analyzing the policies, stability, efforts, etc. that would affect the government throughout the tenure.

For this reason, the analysis of the swearing-in or oath ceremony chart for west Bengal and the upcoming Mamata Banerjee Government for the third time in West Bengal becomes crucial in analyzing how the next 5 years are going to be for the state. Mamata Banerjee has taken oath on the 05th May 2021 at 10.47 in West Bengal.

As per the Hindu Panchang this corresponds to:

  • Vaara – Wednesday (Mercury)
  • Tithi – Krishna Navami (Saturn)
  • Karna – Gar
  • Nakshatra – Satabhisha (Rahu)
  • Yoga – Brahma
  • Hora – Sun
  • Lagna – Cancer/ Libra Navamsha
  • Moon – Aquarius/ Sagittarius

In Muhurta such as for the oath-taking ceremony, the muhurta needs to be decided in a short term and cannot be delayed for a long time. As such one can only choose the day (Vaara), Tithi, Yoga, Karna, Moon sign, Moon’s nakshatra and the Lagna at the time of event. All other planetary positions are fixed. Hence, the analysis of these Panchang factors become of primary importance.

So based on the above points the following can be pointed out for the government:

  • Day chosen is that of Mercury – Benefic day lord good for smooth functioning is good. The day lord is in 11th house with 11th lord which is also good.
  • Krishna Navami is a Rikta Tithi ruled by Saturn – It is not auspicious.
  • Gara Karna ruled by Bhumi is good for lasting ventures.
  • Brahma Yoga is also auspicious
  • Kaal Hora chosen is of Sun which is good. It is especially very good since Sun is exalted in transit and in Oath Chart it is placed in 10th house.
  • Moon’s placement is in Satabhisha Nakshatra. This Nakshatra is usually considered good for Muhurta.
  • Lagna chosen is Cancer – a movable sign which is considered good for lasting work. It shows many ups and down and changes in policy and set-up.

                So, considering all the above factors it can be said that the Panchang factors chosen are good. Hora lord strength makes the Muhurta more auspicious. The panchang factors are important in Muhurta but overall impact of Muhurta depends on the planetary position at the time of Muhurta.

Now analyzing Oath ceremony chart with all the details, we can see that:

  • Oath taking chart of Mamata Banerjee on 05 May 2021  at 10.47 AM in Kolkata
  • Lagna is Cancer and Navamsha is Libra – both are movable signs. A movable sign is not good – it indicates many changes and ups and downs.
  • Lagna lord is placed in 8th house in close conjunction with Jupiter. In Navamsha too Moon is heavily afflicted by Saturn and Rahu – Ketu axis. The 8th placement of Lagna lord in inimical sign and its affliction in Navamsha is bad – it creates a Balarishta yoga  – this is not good for smooth functioning of Government in initial stage. Government will have to face lot of trouble in initial stage.
  • Lagna Kendra is occupied by malefic planet Saturn and Sun – but they are Dig Bali and strong. Placement of Sun in 10th house in exalted position is very beneficial. Sun is also hora lord. Its strength is particularly beneficial for head of the Government. There will be opposition, but the government will deal with firm hand.
  • Most disturbing aspect of the Muhurta is the affliction of 7th house – all malefic Saturn, Mars, and Rahu are related to 7th house. This is not good for business activity and cordial environment. State will see many agitation, mass clashes, accidents, fire incidents and labor unrest.
  • In the oath chart, 10th house is strong – so king’s position will be unshakable. Stability will not be a major issue. But Moon’s affliction and Lagna lord’s ill placement means that Oath is not taken in a good state of mind and some clandestine activity will be under play from the very beginning. This will definitely affect the health of Government from very beginning. Government will face different type of major problems.
  • The Government has taken oath In Satabhisha Nakshatra which means Rahu will rule in initial stage which indicates multi type of problem – some problem that cannot be anticipated beforehand , First 8 months will be very tiring period for the government.

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